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  1. I'll get on that and donate. My little home village and see it every day and directly opposite my golf club too ❀️
  2. Put £20 on him to score anytime for #55 😁
  3. We were at home, so should be about us. But I was impressed by them. Bar Leverkusen and Braga 1st half at ibrox, as good as I've seen at ibrox in euro ties under SG. That was not an opponent to slug it out with.
  4. Hi mate, just been told that you can offer IPTV service can you give me details.



  5. My quick thoughts. We've beat them before with high press, high tempo, in their face and swarmed them. That was different. It was like a perfect European away tie. I've seen European sides come to Ibrox and do that to us. It was so controlled. And I loved the way we spoiled the game when we needed to. Efficient and ruthless. Loved it.
  6. Genuine question. Would anyone NOT want the title if roles were reversed? I'll answer it. I wouldn't WANT it but would secretly pish myself laughing we'd got it.
  7. This, apparently, is all about finance. OK, fine. Release funds. Null and void and start over. Anything else is ridiculous and teams like Hearts, Thistle and Falkirk would rightfully have legal claims.
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