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  1. Being from Markinch myself, and currently living in Leslie, I'll donate to this as the current memorial on Balbirnie Street in the village (although a touching tribute) is looking old and tired and in need of something more fitting. evens
  2. All in an era where we could afford to make some mistakes. We can't afford such luxuries now and in a time when £3.5 million would be the equivalent of around 3 or 4 times that then, it's a phenomenal waste of money on someone. He's not raw. He's shit. evens
  3. Yes, he is the worst signing. Without a shadow of a doubt. Makes me feel sick at the thought of what we could have done with that kind of money in this financial climate. I've had a few PM's over the months from people telling me to GTF over my criticism of Kyle. So be it, he's £3.5 million worth of absoulte horse shit. evens
  4. Erm, I see that Ross v Celtic is on Sky Sports on the Saturday, but there appears to be absolutely no coverage of the Raith v Dundee Utd game on the Sunday. Being a Kirkcaldy lad I was going to go to the game to support Raith as I was assuming the SFA would see sense and move it to Tynecastle after we got knocked out, but couldn't believe they have insisted it goes to Hampden. Anyways, it now seems it won't even be on TV????? Anyone know any different?? Anyways, lets hope for a Raith v Ross County final! Cheers guys and gals evens
  5. Think the question was about "why we are hard to beat", not "post a rant about Celtic"
  6. Neither were penalties. Would be going mad if they were given against us.
  7. Final. Tho I also want Raith to get there as long as not at our expense. Does anyone know the proposed dates for the Semi Finals yet????? evens
  8. Aye, make sure I don't go to the game. Lost every time I've been!
  9. 1 - First goal is, as always, vital. 2 - How we set out because if we allow them to play the way they did at Parkhead it'll be a long, long afternoon. At the same time, I don't want us going gung ho either because Keane would rip Weir a new one on the break. I think we have to press the ball as high up the pitch as we can. 3 - Win the 50/50's more often than they do. A combination of pressing the ball as high as we can and wining more 50/50's than them will see us break on their backline and that's where we'll do the damage. Cant wait now!!!
  10. On the Wilson issue - I've been reasonably impressed by him but that's as far as it goes for me. His reading of the game is excellent but against Higdon, Samaras and other "big" strikers, he's been bullied. He loses a lot of headers and is outmuscled when the ball is played up to a "big" striker. He sometimes recovers from that with his reading of the game but only sometimes. He needs to develop physically and then think about moving on IMO. If he moves now, he'll be lost to the game at the top level.........and end up at Aberdeen in 4 years. evens
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