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  1. Cos BT have done that for the last 3/4 years. The presenting team sit in either Ibrox or park head for whoever is playing the 8 o’clock game at home.
  2. This story has only got traction due to Sutton being some sort of media darling here and especially down south. As people have said we’ve had Hartson Mjallby and Petrov to name a few at a full Ibrox and no issues.
  3. He did 3 notable things when he came on. An awful first touch that gave Lyon the ball back A dreadful shot from 30 yards. A decent run that showed his pace when he ran into the box. Hopefully the last point we see more of. It’s too early to judge needs game time. I think he’ll be decent given time. Would start him on Sunday.
  4. At least the away goals has been scrapped so still got a chance in the next game
  5. When you look at that Morelos stats are incredible what a player we have.
  6. Dunno if the same game but that’s mine too. September 93 1-1
  7. So how come celtic fans were getting tickets in the first place for the 29th?
  8. Imagine doing it in the first place
  9. Is he our most underrated player? Another fantastic display today. Kamara and Davis get all the plaudits and rightly so but Aribo really is the complete midfielder. The way he he actually tackles and wins the ball time and time again from the opposition which actually doesn’t get enough credit plus his skill and ability on the ball and his strength and forward play. He doesn’t score enough but he still chips in now and again. I really think he is an outstanding player who doesn’t get the praise he deserves.
  10. He needs to get in the box again more. There was one point he passes to Kent and basically followed him to the corner rather than running to the 6 yard box. He’ll still score on Thursday though.
  11. Renfrewshire council have cancelled her show which was supposed to happen in Paisley for a festival so it’s relevant now!
  12. Yep that’s all in the league and he’s being built up even by some Rangers fans as the second coming of Pele. Pretty sure Ajeti had a better goal record after a few games when he first joined and was a superstar.
  13. Furuhashi has only scored in 1 game out of 4 in the league am I missing something about this guy here.
  14. I know that stuff makes me laugh. I know people refusing it cos they don’t know what’s in it yet they’re all taking all sorts at the weekend.
  15. Irrelevant point and debate when this thread is about gaining entry to a football match. I’ll decide what’s best for me at the time it’s my body.
  16. Fully vaccinated so not bothered but a nonsense some fans of teams can go and watch their team hassle free while others have to take a bit of paper with them to gain entry.
  17. I see you avoided the point about missed penalties. Exactly a mid table team as you say. If we as champions struggle against them there is a major problem.
  18. Yep they are. It was complete skill from us that Vieri rattled a penalty over the crossbar.Also from St Johnstone against a team from a league below. So you think St Johnstone are a good team?
  19. We beat them 3-0, 4-0, 4-1 in the last few seasons at McDermaid Park
  20. They beat Dunfermline on penalties on the way to the final in the league cup and didnt play any old form teams either and beat us on penalties after we battered them in 90 minutes in the Scottish cup. They were 100% lucky to win both competitions.
  21. St Johnstone are shite one season wonders that got lucky. I expect a comfortable 3/4-0 win. No point in predicting line ups these days given internationals and COVID cases.
  22. Looks very frail indeed. Good to see him out and about but actually quite upset seeing that picture really wasn’t expecting that.
  23. Patterson out of the Scotland squad too.
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