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  1. Good detailed post mate. Tried to give you a rep twice, but don't know if they went through.
  2. Not going to happen mate, keep the faith. The Rangers are going nowhere except back to their rightful place as the top team in Scotland.
  3. Not saying they're a problem in the least Casey, merely pointing out that it's the the thought that counts, and hopefully someday we can return the gesture. Maybe it's just me, but I more expected that from the taigs and not these arseholes.
  4. Last I looked they're saying 2500 signed (started yesterday).
  5. Their twistedness and jealousy will have them cut their noses off to spite their faces no problem, and worry about the consequences later.
  6. Exactly, of all the clowns to be talking rules and principals to anybody.
  7. I really hope ALL our fans can get together in the future and return the compliments. Never saw their petitions when it came to the likes of Dundee and the Well (no dig at those 2 teams BTW, I was glad to see them get back on their feet).
  8. They're having a rare wee party over on that forum.
  9. I hope our new owners and fans have memories like elephants. One good thing about our situation is that will leave us in no doubt where the Bears should shit.
  10. Got a wee petition going (nice to know they care). If you think it's wrong for Rangers to waltz right back into the SPL if they go into liquidation, then sign this online poll. http://www.petitiono...ted-to-spl/4197 Edit...the link won't come up, but here it is.. We the undersigned call on all SPL clubs and the SPL board to block attempts by any new Rangers FC company to be admitted to the Scottish Premier League..
  11. Friendly with Galatasaray as soon as we get back on on our feet.
  12. Another reason I hope the fans behave on Saturday, we need public opinion to be behind us as much as possible also.
  13. I've got a feeling that Whyte will be happy to get out of dodge with whatever he can get.
  14. When we come out of this we should never forget who had kind words and who stuck the boot in, then treat them accordingly.
  15. If he gets the tarriers beelin then good on him.
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