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  1. raceclear.co.uk Had 6 winners in 3 days lowest odds 8/1 highest 22/1.
  2. Got one juvenille ticket for the cup game for sale, face value £12. Pm if interested. Cheers.
  3. And he fights for whats right bwahahahahahhahaha
  4. Guy at my work originally from London is friends with Livermores brother. Quite weird actually a few weeks ago he was saying he wanted a move to get first team football. He's on 12k a week as well
  5. If you take out a new season ticket unfortunately you won't get the option of away games until your second season
  6. Hearts fans singing Rule Britannia, bigots they'll be crying.
  7. Has there been any official news that we are debt free now ? I've seen the stock exchange statement and that but don't understand it
  8. Nah I'd love it to have been us to sing it it's a class choon
  9. Got to admit I'd love Rangers to have sang that before them Can't really sing it now but
  10. Nah his commentary's usually so pro-Celtic it's unreal
  11. Paul McBride would give the ref 10/10 on his performance so far
  12. This is seriously bad refereeing if that prick Craig Burley is disagreeing with decisions FOR Celtic. Cunt must be on something.
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