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  1. Anyone think they'll be anything in the media about the IRAoke going on ? Nah didn't think so either.
  2. Charlie Sheen. Sorry had to
  3. Got 4 spares for the game next week so if anyone's interested pm me. Never bought or sold a ticket on here before so could someone explain how it goes through ?
  4. I got an email today from Rangers telling me there was tickets available and I emailed back though no money has been took from my account yet and I'm always paranoid about things like this I better get it man.
  5. The guy to the right of the Celtic banner on pic 86 is my neighbour
  6. I tried that in Lisbon but got no luck. Joined the waiting list when I got home though so hopefully be a member next season.
  7. I'm sitting munchin a pizza with the white top on in pics 7 & 8
  8. She's too young fur you. I'll happily go on the list though.
  9. Imagine him if he scored on Sunday at the Rangers end. I could see him ending up halfway up the stand.
  10. I paid £90 for mine. Yeah it's touting but if your willing to pay it I don't see a problem.
  11. Ooh c'mon you don't need all those tickets to yourself
  12. You must just have missed it then the highlights were on for around 7 or 8 minutes.
  13. That's fucking balls Can't blame you though you've got to get the cash back for them and cheers for all the tickets you did sell on here hopefully one day you may do it again .
  14. No danger our game will be first with the taigs away to DU.
  15. If some pricks on here didn't fuck you about would you have sold them on here ?
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