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  1. Nah it's just the minimum bid that they have to consider.
  2. Just means any bid under that cannot be accepted though if a bid of the same amount or over came in it's up to the club.
  3. I always said I wasn't going to sell it to and would give it to my first son if I ever had one Then needed the money and took a tenner
  4. I sold a 2008 one I had for a tenner Wish I hadn't now.
  5. Please only use capitals at the start of sentences. Thanks. You see ? ^^^
  6. His old dog which is now stray is shagging my dog and told it in dog language the same thing then my faithful dog came back with the info. Kidden mate how do you know his cousin ?
  7. Not going to read through the full thread but is there a source ?
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DtbKHgFVrU&feature=related Imagine that v Celtic
  9. We are officially in for Commons and TheRabbit has good reason to believe he is signing.
  10. If we sign him ( don't want to be disappointed but it looks like it will happen) I can't wait for tomorrow night hopefully should be in the song book
  11. Be there Tuesday to Saturday Staying in Faro and booked on a bus for the game
  12. I'm going with a mate and he's got a ticket and I've not think I'll be alright ? Heard they sometimes open up an extra part of the stadium for away fans if there's alot ? True ?
  13. Are they not deer as fuck ?
  14. Don't think it's a cheat. Happened with me once except I got the little loading circle on the left of the screen and it froze but then I resumed but he wasn't playing so I presume he had still froze. Just a bad bit of lag.
  15. We've had a few as well One was at Hamilton.
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