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  1. That was everywhere in papers... Except Scotland.
  2. Hope so, ideal situation would be to get around £6m for McGreggor, get Bell for cover for Alexander then the future number one as Aledander is 32 or 33 now I think. Sign Goodwillie as Miller won't sign a new contract ao we may aswell get some dosh for him. ** Puts tin hat on** Sign Riordan and actually jave someone who is confident on the left side of midfield. Probably won't happen though McGreggor and Goodwillie may.
  3. Supposedly throwing blow up dolls down the stairs. Well that's one I heard don't know if it's the same the guy on facebook is talking about.
  4. ǝpɐbıɹq uǝǝɹb ǝɥʇ Sorry was just testing the little automatic upside down thing
  5. Bus leaves at 11. In the side door of the pub around half 10 though and hopefully arrive at Ibrox around 12-12:15.
  6. Thought the exact same when I saw him when I was watching the game there. There was someone else he looked like as well but I just can't put my finger on it
  7. 4-1, Miller (2), Naismith and Weiss. That is if we start the way we started against Motherwell and Weiss is given the free role again, if so I can see him destroying them single handedly. If we start slow and don't score before ht probably 1-0.
  8. Tbh I'd take him. McGreggor has calmed down and that it not all down to him, it's to do with him getting a kick up the arse and look at the form he's hit this season. Like it or not Riordan is a good player and if he was to come to Rangers he'd also get a kick up the arse if he was being an idiot off the park and he could be an excellent player for us.
  9. Seen a few outside Ibrox before but it was smart cards and they wanted silly money for them.
  10. Had a dream we won 4-1 and Sasa Papac scored a free kick Fiver off every poster in this thread if it happens ?
  11. Got booked up. Made a wee mini holiday out of it. 5 days 4 nights in Faro for £335. Leave from Glasgow on the Tuesday morning and come back on the Saturday night.
  12. Who is Kris Commans anyway ? Heard of Kris Commons that plays with Derby but not this 'Commans' Which you speak of .
  13. £3m for Mendes ? Try half of that.
  14. Shut the fuck up you rat bastard. Edit: Ooh and its the Antrim Glen btw. Taig.
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