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  1. Great player, what the fuck he was doing at Dundee I'll never know. Worked out for us though.
  2. Haven't even engaged with any of her posts ever.
  3. On the bright side it confirms orange bastards is sectarian. That's a few of the record scum on the hook at least.
  4. The same journalist who dares to mention the hundreds of victims of celtic paedophiles now and again. Are we really down to one journalist with integrity in Scotland? It appears we are. As for the police , a very different tone taken when it's not Rangers fans.
  5. Heart and Hand is cracking btw. A cut above anything else in Scotland.
  6. Think they might 😂 Hope they don't stop at the Record. Plenty of scumbags at other papers.
  7. Should change the thread title to Heart and Hand gunning for the DR imo.
  8. I can just about understand a Rangers fan wanting independance, I can't for the life of me understand one that would vote for that shower.
  9. All out attack on everything Rangers related. 55 has killed them.
  10. Gave up on coupons a couple of years ago , terrible at them. Always someone that fucks you over.
  11. Hopefully Bassey is one of the ones returning. Think we need to remember Barasic was injured all summer , sure he'll come good again.
  12. So it is , been following the wrong one for a while then.
  13. My wife has just got her second jag on Sunday there, she's 34. A good chance a good number of the squad are waiting on the second one.
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