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  1. A stupid cow but if you look behind her that wee dick Abdul is with her. Have seen another couple of videoss with him singing the same song with other folk. Has obviously been going about asking folk to sing it with him. Another wee tool.
  2. Think behind the scenes we may be pointing out a few home truths to them , certainly hope so.
  3. Really is a storm in a teacup, couple of uncomfartable days and then back to full scale gloating , fuck em
  4. Needs to be appeasing due to the bams unfortunately. Now isn't the time to go on the offensive. With this board and David Graham there I have full faith we will when the time is right.
  5. If the 100 or so wee wanks hadn't acted like absolute arseholes we could be going on the offensive just now with the lack of parity between how we're treated and how other gatherings are. Unfortunately thats gone now due to a few wee neds.
  6. Think it's fine. Make clear it's a small minority. Condemns the wee fannies. Can't really expect anything else.
  7. https://www.Rangers.co.uk/Article/club-statement-170521/6AyO7pBSz9X70zSnrvuFk4
  8. https://news.stv.tv/west-central/swinney-Rangers-fans-conduct-absolutely-reprehensible?top Call out the wee wanks causing bother , fair enough. But how can he moan about us gathering comsidering yesterday . The hypocrisy is unreal.
  9. Got sent that last night, listened to it about 20 times and couldn't hear it. Part of me wishes they were
  10. How the fuck would he know what happened at the press conference. He's not allowed in and all the other journalists think he's a fucking bellend.
  11. Just renewed there , No box to tick for semis and finals. Is that right or am I missing something?
  12. There's no excuse for it or the fighting. You're talking about 50 wee dicks out of 30/40 thousand. Let down by a couple of wee arseholes but that shouldn't take away from the 35000 that behaved themselves and had a party.
  13. You know they'll run with it but fuck them , fuck knows numbers but guessing maybe 30000 there and there is videos of about 30 people acting the goat. No more than any large crowd. Fireworks kicking off in the Mearns just now
  14. This, couple of internal scraps and a guy jumping on a meat wagon is all I've seen. Nothing that wouldn't happen on a normal Saturday night. Edit : and a fat bird doing a pish
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