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  1. Wonder how much of his form this season is due to the lack of fans. He's one player who feeds off the crowd for better or worse.
  2. Was holding a 3 week old baby at the time so my celebrations were slightly more muted, my insides were doing somersaults.
  3. Was for us at Ibrox , remember that as well.
  4. Closest I've seen was Mendes hitting the bar from a similar distance, can't remember who against.
  5. Just wonder what a difference he could have made last season , we don't lose half the ridiculous goals we did if he's in the team.
  6. First time I've been a bit pissed off in all honesty. When you've paid £600 for nothing ( which I'm still happy to do ), I would expect a bit of a gesture from the club for this game.
  7. Ineffective on the right , touch of class as an attacking midfielder. Needs players in front of him to be effective.
  8. dougal72

    FIFA 21

    Started just getting fifa mid summer. Picked it up for £6.99 this year. Only play as Rangers so No chance I'm paying £50 for a few extra players and the new kit.
  9. On Hagi , I would play him centrally just behind the front 2/3 or not at all. Useless on the right and it's killing his confidence.
  10. Wouldn't be starting him much domestically but he's a great player to have when a goal or two up and the other team are chasing it a bit. Useful for Europe/Tim's as well. Would start him on Thursday.
  11. dougal72

    Kris boyd

    He used to get slated for not speaking up enough but I believe that was because he felt uncomfortable/ unprofessional doing it while still contracted to another spfl club. He's really stepped up now he has no other ties.
  12. Want us to qualify but I don't think it would be a huge disaster if we didn't, the rewards really aren't that great this year with the current situation and feel you're increasing risk of large numbers of squad members having to isolate for vital league matches if they're all jumping on a plane together every second week.
  13. Rtv was the same , wonder if media aren't exempt from quarantine for Euro trips.
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