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  1. Should be 'knew banner' surely.
  2. He's really stepped up since he left Killie , can understand why he had to reign it in a bit while he was still employed there.
  3. 😃 This lounge talk is genuinely the kind of shit Craig Whyte and Charles Green used to come out with , there's a real chance of a spectacular collapse of the whole hierarchy if this is the shit they're coming out with especially with certain court cases coming to a conclusion at some point. No fans in the ground will work in Lennon's favour in terms of staying in a job as well. Without the howls of derision from the stands Sneaky Pete will give him more time than he would normally get. We just need to do our bit and keep our foot firmly on their throat.
  4. Can someone post the pic of the sheep on the union jack pillow, can't find it.
  5. Would probably have 1 ahead of 3 just for how amazed I was by it when it first came out. The graphics were breathtaking at the time.
  6. Played through the uncharted games 6/7 times , they're unreal.
  7. Will prove far more important in the long term than winning trophies the last couple of years.
  8. It most certainly is. You should give multiplayer a try. It's fucking amazing , never played anything like it.
  9. Anyone else get addicted to the multiplayer on this? Loved it.
  10. dougal72

    L.A noire

    Just finished the story mode, cracking title but a thought there would be more to the ending . Gonna have a wee drive about , then down to g force to swap it tomorrow. Hopefully still 1 rated
  11. Wasn't so much having a go, more giving an opinion. Guess I'm just a traditionalist when it comes to my songs having words that mean something to me! I don't want to take anything away from them as they do a fantastic job while others around the stadium sit on their hands and moan. Hopefully they keep growing and eventually fill the Broomy front as if that many were singing away over there, surely more around the stadium would join in. Who knows I may try and join in with the foreign chants in the near future although in my section it would get me more than a few dirty looks.
  12. Tbo and ub are doing a cracking job but I do have one gripe. I feel the foreign sounding chants actually take away from the atmosphere rather than add to it. A case in point was the start of the Maribor game where my section in the GR was actually starting to get going for a change right up until one of these started for ten minutes It's the one that kind of goes clap clap clap, ooooo oo oooo. This killed the atmosphere where I was stone dead( I did try) and it never perked up again until after boca scored. I believe that we'ld be better sticking to songs that mean something to people so tha
  13. dougal72

    L.A noire

    Just started the first Kelso case, only got 5 minutes in before I had to go to work though.
  14. dougal72

    L.A noire

    Nearly finished it and have thoroughly enjoyed playing it. I found the change of pace from your usual game quite refreshing tbh. Phelps does seem like a total wanker mind you which is annoying because apart from that it is a cracking title.
  15. Singapore chow mein , chips , curry sauce and prawn toast with 2 cans of urn bur and a chomp. My favourite meal
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