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  1. Just switched it on for the last 5 minutes,Crocker and Walker sound like they're about to greet
  2. Sutton's take on the highlight show will be interesting , won't be allowed to do his usual routine.
  3. Would take var in a heartbeat, they still get things wrong but they get more decisions right , it's a no brainer. Maybe not implementing it properly just now but it will only get better.
  4. Makes me shudder, a grown man using the phrase panty wetter is one for the watching.
  5. With the two clowns likely out for the forseeable, who can cover if Tav or Borna are out for any reason? Think I'm right in thinking Jack was used as a right back for Scotland at one point? Can't think of anyone for the other side.
  6. Cheers , was shitting it there. Could easily have fucked our European campaign.
  7. Fucking clowns. Was the party last night? Hope they've not been in contact with the rest of the squad.
  8. I'll hold fire as I would rather our reaction was the correct one rather than a quick one. I would hate to see us put out a mealy mouthed , identikit non apology like the other clubs have. I am willing to wait but I expect something substantial when it does come, would love to see us really put a plan in place to try and make things right. Will be furious if it takes us days to release pretty much the same as others released in hours.
  9. The seperate entity lie is a live court case,possibility it has to be reported that way until it's been through the courts?
  10. 100% agree, all I'm saying is I understand why some will be nervous. Pretty sure we'll be champions before the end of March.
  11. The last 10 years have been a constant worse case scenario so it's understandable.
  12. Don't think you can blame people for being a bitt wary after the last 10 years. A win on Saturday will put a lot of peoples minds at rest that Hamilton was just a blip.
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