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  1. Hey mate. How are things? Not seen you on in ages. What happened to the blog, noticed it was no longer available.

    Hope you are doing ok.

  2. *something as stupid

  3. Exactly mate. I certainly can get carried away but one thing I hate is when some tosser on the internet calls you deluded or an idiot because you don't rate someone like Fletcher. Have a habit of replying and sticking up for myself, need learn to just ignore them. Sometimes I will then reply with someone as stupid as what they say, which I need to stop, haha. Looking forward to game tomorrow?

  4. Haha, some people actually do believe he would have stopped Xavi and Iniesta. :( For some reason every time I have a debate on here the same thing applies. People make wrong assumptions on what I actually said. Secondly I get made out be the bad one when others make comments with stuff saying retarded, idiotic first. *sighs* That will be something different, did he play against Rangers? :P

  5. Hey bro, enjoyed your latest blog. Agreed with most of it bar some the Davis stuff. Better not make a Darren Fletcher blog :P

  6. Only messing mate, don't want to be pressuring you :L

  7. Linton! It is Tuesday and I don't see a new post up on your blog! I am not impressed :pipe:

  8. Excellent stuff mate, loved the picture of the players. (Y) A few players coming through at Barcelona who can be the next big players such as Barta, Montoya, Fontas or Romeu. Barcelona are looking great in the future.

  9. Hey mate, forgot reply earlier to your posts. Yeh watched the Copa games, not been too good. :(

    Just going to read the topics just now. (Y)

  10. Not bad mate, this Brazil vs Ecuador game has been pretty meh. Take it you enjoy writing articles? How many sites do you write for?

    What's the current topic.

    Just realised I posted that on my own profile by accident, doh:(

  11. Hey bro, how are you?

    Started preparing for the next blog yet? Watching under 17s World Cup?

  12. Cheers mate. I'm now following your blogs :D. Will send you my views on here about them.

  13. Can't remember now, lol. Think it was about someone or a post on here.

  14. Meh was going to send you a pm, but won't let me. So will add you.

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