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  1. Great come back, .gif' alt='default_f_doh.gif' alt='doh'>.gif'> Now any chance of you just moving along. Cheers
  2. I'll pass. Babe, .gif' alt='default_f_doh.gif' alt='doh'>.gif'> (it's an internet forum) Well thanks for viewing it anyways, that's 1 more view on it
  3. When did you start making backgrounds, and I ain't paying you
  4. Alright people how's it going, listen was wondering if someone could do me a twitter back ground with like big moments in football and also if can maybe do a back ground for my blog. Blog is 1800x1600 Twitter not sure what size. Cheers people!
  5. RANGERS: McGregor; Whittaker, Bougherra, Broadfoot, Papac; Davis, Edu, McCulloch, Ortiz; Naismith; Jelavic. SUBS: Alexander, Healy, Fleck, Wallace, Wylde, Hemmings, Bendiksen. This is the team.
  6. How do you start a league mate? Want to do it at work and for my mates, cheers
  7. I'm sorry for your loss, thought's are with you and his kid and fiancee...no one should go that young. R.I.P fellow bear!
  8. How do you think I know how to change it back, I've had those tired times. Night
  9. Press & hold CTRL & ALT then hit the up arrow key
  10. That's what Alex Ferguson said about him last year.
  11. Fuck sake, Do i even wanna know?
  12. On Raman Bhardwaj's twitter just there.
  13. I won't be in attendence . But have a fantastic time bears, also all have a safe journey!
  14. G.Linton

    Sotw2 Themes

    Went for Captains.
  15. Mental just such a mental match so far!
  17. This should be a fantastic match, started of great. 8 Minutes, 2 yellows & a goal.
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