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  1. Was in the thornton suite recently for a game, and while the whole experience was amazing and would recommend, me and my dad did notice some maintenance work needing done. Just small things like small damp patches in the ceiling tiles, paint being chipped off some of the doors. Still fantastic place though and would recommend the hospitality experience.
  2. Just having a look at the fixture list, and with the hibs game now being moved to later on in the season, after QOTS on sunday we have 3 league home games in a row. Can really see us turning the screw now and hibs dropping points under the pressure!
  3. This. Its what made me think of the idea in the first place.
  4. Yeah I get that its not going to slow down the opposition taking free kicks,throw ins etc too much, only giving them the ball back quicker. But for our own throw ins, corners etc, it could really quicken our play and not give the opposition a chance to catch their breath. Maybe im being too picky and looking for any inch to gain on the opposition but if it gives us an extra 3 minutes of actual playing time then it could make the difference in future.
  5. This season almost every team that has come to ibrox (especially hibs & falkirk) have time wasted, which I get is part of the game that we have to overcome. But to try and counter this, would it be possible to just double or triple the number of ball boys we have? Now im not saying this will get rid of it completely, but our team plays at its best at a higher tempo, and forcing the opposition to get on with it quicker would help this. I remember Alex McLeish doing it on the title decider against dumfermline and it worked well that day. Thoughts?
  6. Hahaha! This fishing trip is over (see that works cause its a boring sport, thought you would appreciate that) but you enjoy yourself and all the best.
  7. Shame, wish you were there and sat next to me to hear about the exciting adventures of "RFC#1".
  8. Whatever gets you through your exciting, maryhill days. The rest can only sit and wish we werent boring and had your life.
  9. I dont act like one, you have that well and truly covered.
  10. Poor lad, happy with your role as the joke.
  11. Whats your excuse for being the forums laughing stock? Do you act like a fanny just to get attention? Of course you do, you must get lonely in Maryhill... or the cells.
  12. a "basic understanding of getting mwi"? aw that explains it, I don't understand it obviously... You do realise you're making a fool of yourself on here? Perhaps its because you're mwi right now and gives you the excuse to be abit of a fanny. Also, I havent ever been to maryhill, is it nice? Must be that I live such a boring life eh?
  13. You need to have been stupid and had a night in the cells, otherwise you're boring and havent done anything exciting? FS
  14. Does anyone have a clip of this? thats the sort of stuff you pay your money to go see. Brilliant.
  15. A combination of nothing to do with my thursday night and being too excited for tomorrow made me check the site and count how many seats were left for sale... 818 in total left!
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