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  1. Was wondering if anyone is aware of any supporters buses making the trip from London to Bristol on Saturday? Cheers.
  2. 2 boys needing a bus - anywhere in and around the Glasgow area would do. 5 of us needing a bus from London to Bristol & back - any help appreciated.
  3. This will sound like a ridiculous post, but looking for 7 tickets for a group of bears on a stag weekend. Also 2 of the boys need a bus to & from the game -anywhere in and around Glasgow (based in Harthill). Cheers for any help!
  4. they really are struggling aren't they?! scraping the barrell in attempt to sell a league that is on it's knees - can't survive without us!!
  5. Alexander 1 the rest i agree with.
  6. I want up as fast as possible - regardless of the route. let's get beating the SPL teams again!!
  7. suddenly the big fish in a wee pond is now a wee fish in a very, very big pond... prick!
  8. i reckon Queens Park away will be my only away game this year
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