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  1. This season they are groundsharing at Falkirk ?
  2. Is it not a home tie for Falkirk? Could be that East Stirling are now ground sharing with Falkirk and are playing a Lowland League game?
  3. Nacional can still win it no? Their second game is on the 20/1, sitting on 3 points.
  4. Aye I thought that. Won't have time to get to the ticket office today
  5. I was at games before I can remember, 8 in a row game for instance, I must have been 3-4 years old. I remember having the Gazza 8 shirt and taking it into school, showing all my wee pals it. Before the internet I would research everything to do with Rangers via books, newspapers for transfer gossip every single morning. My Dad would buy me every shirt that came out and even did still till I was 21. From an early age till I was 21 my Dad bought me my season ticket, even taking me to the UEFA Cup Final and Stuggart. Used to go up with his group of mates, sneaking the odd bottle of beer down me on a wet Wednesday Champions League night when I was 14 then going to school the next day to tell my mates. My brothers have all followed in the same footsteps of our Dad, Uncle and Grandfather. I'm trying to think of one particular instance that defined it all for me and that would have to be the UEFA Cup Final, 16 year old and completely blown away by the expericance, it was then that I knew I was madly in love with this club.
  6. Ali Crawford - Midfielder at Hamilton. Zander Clark - Goalkeeper at Qots. Nadir Ciftci - Striker at Dundee United. Greg Stewart - Striker at Dundee.
  7. Needs a fucking haircut, poofter cunt.
  8. Mind BT also have South American and Australian football too.
  9. Is that not just a red version of what the Hong Kong lads were wearing or was that last seasons top?
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