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  1. Not overly fussed about 32Red as long as it's the best financial deal possible for the club.
  2. Can anyone confirm if it is definitely regional again this season?
  3. Ironically, Forrester is one of the few who showed the right attitude ON the park. It's a shame really, as he started last season really well and gave us a bit of fight and goals from midfield. At the end of the day, if he isn't applying himself then Pedro has no other option than to get rid.
  4. Ideal to get a Welsh/Irish team in R1. Little travelling involved and an early test against British (type) opponents. Would be nice to get a glamour tie (Galatasaray, Milan) but the Europa League group stage would really put us back on the map. Pedro's experience of different European styles gives me confidence that we can give it a go against mid level opposition. Bring them all on though.
  5. What a pointless stat?!! So Ally is being criticized for not winning the premier league when he's never had the chance. Unbelivable.
  6. Seems like the loan move is working well. Whats the problem here?
  7. I believe he will be inducted one day and with the circumstances it would be right to do it now.
  8. Any Rangers captain who lifts the Premier league title is deserving of Hall of Fame status. Not only that, Ricksen was a fantastic player and leader. Fully deserved regardless of his illness.
  9. This thread is quite simply embarrassing.
  10. Aye but Ally isn't planning ahead!
  11. Was that not a draw ? 1-1 Peralta with the free kick
  12. Novo really was brilliant at times. He leaves that Caley player for absolute dead. His Pace/Direct running was excellent sometimes. What a fucking goal though. Davis flick and the technique from Mendes is just sublime. That strip was a peach aswell.
  13. Having a wee thought yesterday. Since Ally took over we've beaten nearly every club in Scotland. Don't know what the record for a manger is relating to this. The teams (as far as I know) we haven't yet beaten under AM is: Hamilton Dundee Dumbarton Livingston Partick Thistle Ross County Cowdenbeath Morton Raith Rovers(hopefully do that in Ramsden's) Cant think of any other teams. Would be a nice thing to say that we've beaten every club in 4 years. Sorry for the positive thread.
  14. £23 for what will essentially have the same atmosphere as an Old Firm game.
  15. Not currently better than Foster. Has the potential to be twice as good though.
  16. Fosters been brilliant last few games.
  17. Fosters actually been pretty good last few weeks.?
  18. Congratulations Ally McCoist on his second record breaking title..
  19. Come on Gers lets become the first team in UK to win the title!! 4-0 Gers for me?
  20. He's unbeaten for fuck sake!! Winning the league tonight. Fans have lost the plot, not Ally.
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