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  1. Al be ther moan the rangers! 2-0! Anyone any idea how many lisbon fans have travelled over?
  2. That is the main problem with the way we set up is how deep we need to sit to accomodate Weir in the team and it makes it impossible for us to break with pace or hold a team under sustained pressure. I feel that the answer to this problem will continue to sit on the bench for the rest of the season and it makes you wonder what the point in bringing someone like Bartley in was. Surely he would learn more sitting on Arsenal's bench?
  3. If that atmosphere created yesterday at Ibrox cannot spur on that group of players to take the game to Celtic then everyone of them do not deserve to be in that team. We had a great chance yesterday 2-1 up at half time, them down to 10 men to come out and really make a statement but yet again a 1 goal lead and we sit back and hold on. Fukin pathetic 2nd half
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