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  1. Never been charged to get in.
  2. Hope says a wee prayer to bring home title 55.
  3. Great player was good to see him back in the team yesterday.
  4. Worst pitch shouldn't be anywhere near top flight games I wouldn't walk my dug for a shite on it.
  5. Don't mind seeing the league this close from top to bottom,think we'll still get second and then push on next season to win the title.
  6. If only we had a player on the pitch that showed as much passion as Jones.
  7. Hopefully keeps the back door shut on match days at least if plays.
  8. I blame a shite defender that thought he was Ronaldo for a minute but then realised no he's not he's just shite.
  9. Off in the summer no doubt but not in this window.
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