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  1. Smash these sheep bastards,nothing less than 3 points will do.
  2. Happy way that now to snap off the icicles on my baws and order a chinky
  3. 4.0 Us and a good performance too,3 points a must
  4. At least mate ,can't remember my exact time but was all bloody night
  5. Think I'll be looking for a new challenge after I wrap up this title.
  6. Enjoy playing tomorrow mate
  7. Beat the sheep 2.0 to win the Betfred cup,topped my Europa group and currently 8 points ahead of the scum so my second season is going better than my first.
  8. Lots of gd proddies in Airdrie and follow Airdrie so this will be why targeted unlike Albion Rovers say from Taigbridge that be a fenian love fest.
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