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  1. Well you need a great manger at christmas.
  2. Thats really sad and shocking news. I don't know Ed personally but he was a good poster on here and we swapped messages a few times. I'm really sad to hear that. He is a true blue supporter.
  3. This still means nothing to me...
  4. Sometimes players just dont fit into teams. Cant hold this one against Gerrard. One dud out of all the players signed is a good track record. Its not like we paid nine million quid for him. Also good to see Gerrard will not tolerate anything less than 100%.
  5. Of course we will win this season. Not only are we going well, the tarriers are imploding. Their season is coming apart and just as they have a run of tough games. We dont need to beat them if we beat everyone else, tho obviously that is preferred. Stopping their titles run will take a lot of pressure off and we can them build on staying ahead. We are well capable of winning this and can only lose it by shooting ourselves in the foot. With a good push and a bit of luck we can make january irrelevant.
  6. Those dolls look a bit childlike. Dodgy bheasty bastards.
  7. The fact folk are still talking about the plrasure he brought and the tims still hating him confirms his status as a legend. There's only one Nacho Novo...
  8. The best thing about this is the message it sends out. Any messing about with Rangers will not be tolerated. These scumbags main concern is self preservation, so if they know any action will be challenged, they will think twice.
  9. If we hadn't defended so deep and tested their pish defence, this would all be a moot discussion. Jack just sounds like sour grapes. Its done now, no point greeting about a decision esp when we cant even agree on here if it was a foul. We need to learn from the game, adapt our tactics and move on. No more standing off them. Incredible Gerrard thought that would work. It just allowed them to stay up the field and overrun us. Its like giving them 2 extra attackers. Teams that beat them harry them, don't give them time on the ball and force mistakes. Playing th
  10. Fuck off with them negative waves. Think positive about 55 and it will be there. Hearts are beating the tarriers at will. Are we not as good as them? A couple of games in and the bucky drinking surrender monkeys are running up the white flag. Take that flag doon, replace it with a union jack and repeat "WE ARE WINNING THIS FUCKING LEAGUE" a thousand times. Now go have a word with yourselves.
  11. You can't stand of a team like the scum. If you give them time to plan their moves it improves their chances and eventually you need to do something. Even when we did get the ball it was nust lumped up the park back to them. Their defence is shit and I'd expected we would go out to exploit that.
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