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  1. SNP are the single worst thing that’s ever happened to this country. Built on hatred and division. They thrive on it and their very existence depends on it. Now it seems they are dividing our support which is tragic but something I’m sure these cunts will be absolutely delighted with.
  2. Strong bench too. Surely that’s enough to do these cunts.
  3. Anyone know if the trains are running the day? Been strike action last few sundays. Please tell me they’re running?
  4. What’s worrying me is that lot came to Ibrox last season and played better than us in one or two games When they were shite but we rode our luck and saw them out. They’ve upped it and we seemed to have gone backwards. He needs to change it sharpish.
  5. You’d like to think so. Then again I wouldn’t put anything past these lunatics
  6. What a find in Sakala. Great bit o scouting
  7. Taking the knee is causing far too much hassle than it’s worth. Wouldn’t it be better taking a different track? Get everyone on board? Getting fuckin boring now
  8. The slow motion replay of the celebration looked class. Fans were going bonkers. Bedlam. Made me laugh
  9. England fans wearing Salmond masks is a good wind up
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