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  1. Anyone know what channel the England games on?
  2. I’m thinking it’s gonna help us the day. Players will be hurting and fired up. Absolutely sure of it.
  3. Love this man like family. Get better Walter you are loved by thousands.
  4. I’ve had a look now and again over the past few weeks. I swear they honestly think the devil has been helping us😂
  5. Honestly out of all the players I’m happiest for Tav the most. Just my personal opinion. He’s been here a good few years now, had his fair share of lows and grown into a real player. Well done Tav son.
  6. That’s my favourite video so far. Fuckin tremendous
  7. The way this has brought our entire support together is a bit special for me. The only negative I could put on today is that pubs weren’t open. This would have been extra special celebrating with a bar full of bears in full voice. Love you all.
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