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  1. What a find in Sakala. Great bit o scouting
  2. Taking the knee is causing far too much hassle than it’s worth. Wouldn’t it be better taking a different track? Get everyone on board? Getting fuckin boring now
  3. The slow motion replay of the celebration looked class. Fans were going bonkers. Bedlam. Made me laugh
  4. England fans wearing Salmond masks is a good wind up
  5. Thought it was my telly. Been turning the fuckin thing on and off and fuckin about with bastard leads.
  6. There was tens of thousands of people out celebrating. Steaming. It was inevitable. There will be faux outrage as usual for a few days then everyone will be onto the next drama and forget about it. It’s like it’s happened before or something.
  7. 😂 I actually feel sorry for poor Woodsie he got fuckin proper abused there man
  8. I just take a wee moment to remember how fuckin smug these cunts have been and all the shit they’ve thrown at us over the last decade and now how utterly dejected they are and I get a warm fuzzy feeling.
  9. It’s the very first thing this fat tarrier said at work when I told him
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