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  1. That keeper 😂 Complete fraud
  2. Is this the furthest goal we’ve scored from distance? Remember Adam scoring an open goal against Dundee United from about 35 yards
  3. Early days but a very solid signing so far. Never stops running and good back up for Borna.
  4. Can only assume Shaggers is dissent but for their player to get away without a card is ridiculous, blatant cheating.
  5. If it showed their full names I’d know a few more.
  6. Only recognise about 3 players. Zlatan, the big goalkeeper and Kjaer. Fairdos with them being top of Serie A though.
  7. St Mirren are riddled with Covid
  8. Four more positive cases at St Mirren
  9. Remember Fellaini played for them against Liverpool but he didn’t have his Afro back then.
  10. G.E.C.

    FIFA 21

    Got this today. Taking a bit of time adapting to the passing in it. Terrible at crosses though, keep booting the ball out.
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