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  1. G.E.C.

    Ryan Kent

    Great Halloween costume though
  2. G.E.C.

    Ryan Kent

    Oh Christ I forgot about him. I was half cut in the pub during most of that game.
  3. G.E.C.

    Ryan Kent

    Jon Toral at home to the sheep is the worst I’ve ever seen. Got cheered off being subbed.
  4. Wright and Johnson in by the end of January would freshen things up greatly for the midfield.
  5. Recently I didn’t realise how big the East Enclosure is until I seen where the Sky pundits were standing a few weeks ago.
  6. I get Wagner is Brazilian and probably knows nothing about Scottish football but I’d always be under the impression he’d at least google a few things before doing these types of videos. Fair play to him actually exposing the guy though.
  7. Same guy got jailed for an air gun attack
  8. I’m on the same boat tbh. They should have won by 2 or 3. No complaints with the Tarriers dropping more points though.
  9. Peter Martin was nearly in tears 😂
  10. Livi were excellent. Ambrose missed an absolute sitter for them.
  11. Johnston will probably be the loan striker. He played up front at Ibrox in the Jack game.
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