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  1. I’m excited to play Benfica. Always like when we play teams we’ve never came up against. Still gutted that Eusebio cup game was cancelled.
  2. I love the thing he does where he gets the ball, let’s the attacking player run towards him, does a wee shimmy and picks it up.
  3. Maybe being a bit harsh on Hagi here with him being young raw potential but I’m really not seeing it with him at all.
  4. Lech are good to watch, don’t look like scoring at least. We really need to up the tempo and the goals should come.
  5. He’s a good player but must be frustrating as fuck to watch if he’s in your own team.
  6. Big Davie has won a penalty for Lille
  7. PSG aside Rangers and Celtic would skoosh the French league
  8. Record signing is playing tonight
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