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  1. 2008/9 - first title win in his second spell 😢
  2. Only lost once but it does feel like all it will take is one more defeat for a complete post Dubai collapse.
  3. Apart from Dundee away I can’t think of any goal we’ve scored with proper good build up.
  4. The B teams just turned it round in the challenge cup come on the Rangers A
  5. I hate the aiming system with the assault weapons
  6. The 2011 League Cup final where Jelavic scored the winner was the only time I’ve felt we were underdogs in an Old Firm. Dominated it and gave us the momentum to win 54.
  7. He was absolutely unplayable on his day, Drogba like at times.
  8. So many, UEFA CUP run, beating Lyon 3-0 and the 8 trophies. One of my favourite memories was a spell we had in December 2009. We played 4-4-2 with four strikers and played some amazing attacking football, destroyed every team we faced. Was key to us winning 2IAR.
  9. Last game of the journey was a 2-2 draw against them. Equalised with the last kick.
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