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  1. The Year is almost over And i'm glad to see it go, The year our beloved Rangers they tried to overthrow. But family came together the likes we've never seen, To ensure our future offspring would forever have a team. Months and months of slander and kicks when we were down, Has only made us stronger still the only show in town. Tears well up remembering the way i felt that day, When Super Ally told the world we would not walk away. So let us raise our glasses to welcome in the new, Let us propose a special toast To our Famous Boys in Blue TO THE RANGERS Then Now & Forever All the Best f
  2. Did he not get slapped about in Villareal, when Rangers played a european tie there me thinks, ever since then he just spouts his pish
  3. Hi Fergie85 there are several on e-bay at the moment, thats if youre willing to pay 8 quid or more mate, i reckon these will sell out at some point though. All the best Kai
  4. Yip another disappointing run
  5. agree with you there ozblue world has gone insane Mcgreedy 10mil Moscow mafia FC lol Did you watch that little shit in the euro's in fact was he on the park
  6. Hit and miss with this one rangersgary had money on it myself at Hamilton
  7. Bouncy Bouncy early betting is 7/1 nice way each bet me thinks
  8. Good shout there theAlukoman have bet this horse before, cheers for the heads up did you back ibrox lady and trueblue last week ibrox lady winning at 16/1 superb all the best Kai
  9. King Kai Johansen scores the winner in the 1966 Scottish cup Replay against the Sellik Oh and i was born on this day lol
  10. Have to agree with you there Muff cant wait to season's over,was totally scunnered yesterday, threw away a lead twice yesterday all the best kai
  11. Born in Elderslie, stayed in Johnstone till i was 15,remember my dad used to run the Rangers supporters bus, from the Hazel pub in the Johnstone castle housing scheme,also the sellik bus also left from the same pub,very stange indeed emmm anyway moved to Irvine(shithole) after that stayed in ediburgh for 2 years, played saturday and sunday football with a team called Broughton Hibs, had to wear that shitty Hibs strip but wore my Rangers training gear underneath . then back to Irvine(shithole)also stayed in Charlotte North Carolina USA for a year then back to Irvine(shithole) once again wh
  12. GE1 Seat Y1 Bro seat Y2 watp all the best kai
  13. Brilliant post Rab My dad was at the of game on 2nd Jan 1971,he came out the game at exit 19 or stairway 19 i think,it was the first time he had spoke about it to me and my brothers, that was the last time he went to and old-firm game at ibrox As for yesterday, i have never been so let down or dissappointed in a long while all the best kai
  14. Met the wee man a couple of times, a true gentlemen Happy Birthday Johnny all the best kai
  15. Dermot Desmond talks pish and that Brian Wilson Used to be the Head of my old school at Ravenspark Academy knew there was a reason i never liked him , i think he promoted this book as well spouting his pish. Opus books are pretty expensive, several english clubs have them as well,founded by a guy called Karl Fowler,a former Goldman Sachs investment banker,says it all i suppose,anyway they are going to do a Rangers one, some time in the future,christ need to take a bank loan out to buy one all the best kai
  16. No Pete i am fae Johnstone mind u,Castle Housing scheme all the best kai
  17. Yeah it was me that was looking for one, i think these 2 sellers are having a laugh,the thing is they are both the Cloth-bound edition's, not the Leather-bound edition Geez,what chance have you got,i reckon they are both sellik supporter's lol all the kai
  18. Yeah love it mate all the best kai
  19. Im kind of undecided with this one all the best kai
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