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  1. McGregor. The amount of times this season he has pulled a save out of the top drawer then we go up the other end of the park and go a goal up. Not only is he a quality keeper he has that winning mentality and if he's not happy he will let you know about it and that's hard to replace. Think he's the closest we have to a genuine world class player in our entire squad.
  2. Hope George square is a sea of union flags on Saturday just to rub it in her face even more.
  3. What a season its been 😂 Get well soon Scott Brown.
  4. Aye and for tinkering with his darts again. Why not just use the set that he won the world's with? Guy is a weirdo man
  5. 2013 is the year of our revival!

  6. Glasgow Rangers Champions :)!

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