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  1. 55 has got right under the skin of absolutely everyone in this utter shitehole of a country
  2. Make sure you plant some petunias will you are at it.
  3. No Rangers player in the squad deserves it more than that man. Delighted to see him lift the trophy as our captain. He now goes down among the great skippers in our magnificent history who have delivered us league championships.
  4. Aye you'd hope so but money talks and the decision may be taken out of his hands. He's not going to get a move to a top 4 club in England just yet so a crack at the champions league if we qualify, do well in that and then maybe he gets a bigger move after that.
  5. Magic to see the buff loving every minute of the celebrations yesterday. Hope we hold on to him for another season so we can see him battering centre half's in the champions league. Love him!
  6. Quite fitting that he eventually has a league winners medal as his career has more than deserved that.
  7. Morelos soaking Gerrard there then Jimmy Bell getting covered in champers 不不不
  8. Buzzing for all the bears around the globe tomorrow being able to celebrate our 55th title. What a day for everyone connected to the club. We Are The People
  9. I fucking love this football club
  10. Personally I think it's the right choice but I wouldn't have argued if Goldson, Tavernier or Davis had won it
  11. Can only imagine what the atmosphere would have been like in the pubs and then in the stadium tomorrow. Would have been electric in both. Then the trophy being held aloft in the centre circle. I'm going to be emotional tomorrow when I see Tavernier lifting it. Can't wait to be crowned champions.
  12. Bang on. My memory of him will always be when he ducked out of the way when morelos smashed it passed him in to the net!
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