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  1. Listening on the radio. Celtic camped in own half at the moment
  2. Celtic on the back foot from the start
  3. Celtic fans must be nervous looking at that line up. Far from convincing. Hope Livi have a go. Celtics defence is rotten under pressure!
  4. Vintage Morelos, two superb goals. Can hear shagger going nuts in the background after the tackle from main on borna. Love greegsy 😂😂
  5. Adrian Durham is a cunt but it's good to see media outwith Scotland shaming these bastards again.
  6. Keith Jackson is an absolute dobber of a guy. Sensationalist shite again. By fuck these cunts are hurting right now.
  7. Been through all this shite before and most clubs in Scotland shat the bed in fear of Celtic. We tried.
  8. And Dave King appears 😂😂
  9. Here's another one as well 😂😂
  10. Moon howlers 😂😂😂
  11. Looking forward to Ryan Jack returning. Feel a wee bit more confident in away games when you have him available, even arfield for that matter too.
  12. Comical isnt it? My mate who runs a landscaping business was on the Livi pitch with his tractor last night trying to brush all the rain water off. Said in his words that no pitch would have stood up to the rain that fell there last night. It is a joke of a surface to be fair but must have been torrential if he is saying that.
  13. 3 points is all that's required. Looking forward to the game now. Not much else to look forward to at the moment bar watching the famous Glasgow Rangers.
  14. Arsenal still sing the song about it 😂
  15. Class, but expected. 🇬🇧
  16. He makes Lee Wilkie look a player
  17. I can't get over how much of a fucking dumpling duffy is 😂😂
  18. Up next for them is Livingston away on Saturday at 3pm. They've won 8 on the bounce so another tough 90 minutes for them. Shite plastic pitch and 13 self isolating doesnt bode well for Celtic. Please win Livi 😂
  19. Will go to sleep with a big smile on my face tonight 🔴⚪🔵
  20. Celtic and Hibs are rotten man. Hibs a shadow of the team that came to Ibrox.
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