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  1. the commentary the other night was brilliant. tom and dj had a good few jokes between them and described the action well i would much rather listen to them than crocker and walker!!!!
  2. I do miss it. Theres no better feeling as a rangers fan than giving them a trouncing home or away. I absolutely relish the day we play them again!
  3. Predict a 2-0 win. Doubt i can make this one as im on the nightshift!
  4. when the filth were pulled out kenny miller started smiling so i thought for sure we'll be the next team out!
  5. Totally agree.They horsed Hearts and probably could have scored more. I'm not saying they would hump us but I could see us crashing out.
  6. Little moved to Ibrox in 2006 and turned professional the next year.He played in youth cup games and u21s for us Cant say we really produced him
  7. We are rangers at the end of the day and in any domestic competition/league we should be expected to either win or challenge for trophies. There is some truth in Lennons words but I dont think we will be too far behind them come the first old firm game in the new top division! By the time we get up, i think celtics squad will be weakened due to them having to cut costs because we arent there also because they arent making UCL groups no longer
  8. im only 20 years old so not been to as many games as most of you on here and since ive started going the atmosphere has become tame! a particularly good atmosphere i enjoyed was against Stuttgart in the champions league when we won 2-1, the night adam and darche scored
  9. i had barry ferguson round to mine one night for a fifa tourney and a few cans a boddingtons, some laugh!
  10. nicky clark will come good. he looks bright and alert. he wont get 40 this season but 20+ is achievable
  11. Rest in peace to all the servicemen who fought and died! Cant thank them enough for the ultimate sacrifice they have made for our country. Absolute shower of low lifes those teams who never had a minutes silence Hate is a strong word but i hate those bastards from Parkhead
  12. bring back barrie mckay! think he has bags of potential
  13. those teeth! with all that cash could he not have them sorted ? ....and oh aye, hes pish!
  14. well i think im going to be gassed at tomorrows game and if any fan tells me to shut up when singing or trying to create and atmosphere i wont be best pleased.
  15. fucking joke if true. just look at the home fans in germany when actually allowed to stand and sing all game. the atmospheres over there are second to none. im not saying ours would be as loud as you have so many people fans telling you to sit down and be quiet at games but it would certainly bring more noise and colour to our stadium
  16. whats the story with BF1? is there no chance of the standing section being increased to BF2 and for the ub/blue order to expand in that section? would be fantastic if possible ? is it to do with security that we arent allowed to ?
  17. Loved the music which went down well with the images of jig and bilel showing great passion!!
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