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  1. The last one was good should get a team on the next one again!
  2. After seeing that on sky sports, I really think thats it closed.
  3. Some interesting comments from Johnston in this article. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/13518277.stm
  4. Enjoyed that, well done to Groves. Did they even shake hands afterwards lol?
  5. This fight has been built up so much, lets hope it meets the expectations!
  6. I agree, hope we aren't he was that poor it was getting frustrating.
  7. Nevin said the same thing about the tic well game on the episode of sportscene when we won the league.
  8. I would take the money, buy the tic and fuck their team up as much as possible. Stephen Hawking as goalkeeper possibly.
  9. Should be an interesting fight, not a big boxing fan so haven't seen much of Mosley. Pacquaio didn't look the same in his last fight although Roach has said hes in the best condition hes seen him.
  10. Could you explain what you mean by this please?
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