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  1. Hope we didn't buy him based on a video lol
  2. It is pleasing to see there are still good people out there helping each other. Keep up the amazing work!
  3. I don't think Scotland should get the credit for producing him though. Apologies if anyone was offended by this
  4. You need to learn to enjoy your life mate. You dont need alcohol to have a good time. Think of the positives of being off the booze, getting fit and being in good health. Good luck!
  5. So you're saying doing the cardio will impact the muscle growth. What about if you switch days for example one day do cardio and the next weights, would this make any difference?
  6. I know, its been constant all night since the show started, they need to get a grip- too busy talking about our club rather than their own
  7. Nice, whats been happening... just Celtic fans phoning moaning about last night i take it?
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