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  1. On another note any chance you can edit your original post to explain your dad is dead? Folk coming in this thread in the OT for a bit banter and walking right into it.
  2. Fuck up, ya prick. I said my piece last night and apologised after that post but if you want to keep it going then be my guest.
  3. Well this took a dramatic turn... to be fair it defo wasn’t made clear he had passed away. Never read like that to me anyway, genuine apologies for any offence caused. Never understand why folk would post something like that in here and expect any less though but each to their own. once again sincere apologies on you and your families loss.
  4. Into the will? sounds like I have as much chance as you...
  5. You and your siblings should hold him down and shite in his mouth
  6. Lockdown claims another poster when will this end!?
  7. Senior members voted to allow non rangers fans on to ramp up traffic on the site. Was a poll carried out in the hidden “senior members” section.
  8. You’ve dropped your gay card, mate.
  9. 1- Paul Gascoigne 2-Fat Ronaldo 3- The Beatles 4- Beastie Boys 5- Bob Dylan 6- Pulp Fiction or The Big Lebowski 7- Leo Di Caprio 8- Eddie Murphy
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