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  1. Al be there get ma ticket on the bus on sunday
  2. HAHA fat specky bassa. hope ye choked on yer pie when super lee stuck his header in the net. GIRFUY
  3. Ive always wondered what it would take for us to ultimately join the english leagues, surely there must be a way if the likes of swansea and cardiff can compete in english football?
  4. I'm just wondering what our chances would be of joining the English league? i've heard a lot of noise about it over the last few weeks and in my opinion i think we should give it a shot if its viable. what would be needed in order to join the English leagues in our worse case scenario?
  5. Remember when we actually used to talk about football?
  6. I hate to ask this but wasnt the deal to ask players to take a pay cut?? playing for free was not mentioned today or have i missed something?
  7. Every time i think of what this scumbag has done to our club im litteraly sick in my mouth. How he's getting away with what he's done is beyond me.
  8. Smashing read mate a lot of great points included.. nail on the head
  9. ‎@STVRaman Hamdi Salihi did not feature for Celtic last night
  10. Was hearing salihi played a bounce game for them last night??? any truth in this?
  11. Personally i want the big european nights back at ibrox.. ye canny beat a good old night at ibrox under the lights playing against the cream of europe. special memories
  12. As an anxious bear like most of you i really want this tax case over and done with. If we win the case do you think the team will benefit as in strengthening the squad with new players or do you think the cost cutting will continue and squad will be made up of free transfers and young up and coming players?. its a really unsure time for all of us all and we seem to be on a downward spiral the last 5 years. Im hoping for a positive result from the tax case then hopefully we can put it all behind us and get us back on the big stage such as the champions league in the coming years. WATP
  13. This thread is a non starter if you ask me.. no matter what the score is a lot of people have to leave a bit earlier wether it would be for the subway or there bus or other comittments.. most importantly the person is there for most of the game supporting our team.
  14. Ally simply doesnt seem to have the tactics to change a game.. fair enough we dont have impact players to bring off the bench when were in need of goals which doesnt help. ive never seen Rangers play so bad consistantly for a long time. im afraid if we dont make a dramatic improvemt over the next few weeks then i wouldnt be surprised if ally is asked to leave to let someone else take over that has a lot lore experience of working witha team within a budget and making it work.
  15. Novo's penalty in florence Sir walters lap of honour last season I even had a wee tear when gazza was on the park few months ago Ive probably had alot more but there the ones that sticks out
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