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  1. Quite like the look of the team with this shape and personnel. Pity some of our forward play is lacking any real quality or incision.
  2. Most decent moves breaking down when Hagi and Morelos become involved.
  3. Thought he was ok in the air, but anything on the ground he struggled to defend. Gets dragged out to the wide areas far to often and gets beat one on one to easily. Distribution was also poor, tried to play the central ball a few times but each time passed straight to a green shirt.
  4. Think that's three wins on the bounce for the first time this season.
  5. Did Roofe run out the other side of the park. Anonymous.
  6. Never thought at 80 minutes in i would be thinking we played better first half.
  7. Cannot believe no changes are being made. Surely tae fuck he must see that this ain't working at all. That last breakaway with Davis passing behind Aribo sums up the entire display tonight.
  8. Its laughable that so many no mark journos try and link our players for a move in January. No one is coming in for the likes of Kent, Hagi, Goldson, certainly not a premiership team.
  9. We don't need two sitting midfielders tonight or at least one of them has to be a bit more offensive when in possession.
  10. Seems to very little game plan at the moment, just a series of misplaced passes.
  11. Continually turn over possession with poor passing and positioning.
  12. Following the same pattern as the first half at the moment. Need someone to inject some energy into the play.
  13. Good half-hour but the last fifteen was scrappy and lacking in energy. Need so much more from Kent and Aribo. Bassey has been our best player. Tav and Kamara can come off anytime.
  14. Both full backs have from being pivotal to how play to becoming the weakest link.
  15. Not sure about that starting line up, surprised to see Morelos & Tav make the starting 11 again.
  16. Looks slow and ponderous on the ball. His fitness levels are nowhere near the level required. Warning signs are there for him to get himself together, already out of his international team set up and slowly drifting out of a starting place at club level. Alarm bells have to be ringing for both him and his agent. No way is he moving to a higher level on current form and most importantly attitude.
  17. Even if we win on Thursday the narrative will be the Sparta were there for the taking due to injuries. Also they got beat 4:0 yesterday.
  18. Watched his interview again this morning, disgusting that he actually said the games over at half-time, but even more worrying is that it's obvious from the display that he wasn't the only thinking the games gone at half-time.
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