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  1. Yeah, so we will have played 2 games more but could be 7 points clear. Should be motivation enough
  2. I said to my mate, if we lost on Saturday, it was far from over, so its certainly far from over after winning. In the time Gerrard has been here in terms of results against the rotten mob they have been pretty balanced barring the shambles of the league cup final. The next step is the real test, stay ahead in the run up to Christmas, we've already been to hard grounds, no visits to Pittodrie, Easter Road, Almondvale, Tynecastle or the piggery, only Tannadice and Rugby Park that should be really concerning. Just keep winning and it's ours to lose
  3. Wallace was long before me but I remember my dad talking about him, just a dye in the wool Rangers man. From what I've seen and heard he seemed a real hard bastard, which isn't always a bad thing. How very apt that this comes up the week when his 'battle fever' is well and truly building
  4. When Jelavic went to Everton for only 1.5M more than we bought him after the season and a half he had for us killed me, plus he was my favourite at the time. Just showed you what was really happening cause 2 weeks later shit really hit the fan. On a side note, he's just left China and signed for Lokomotiva in Croatia, could he have done a job? I joke of course.
  5. Hopefully make it a comfortable win, a few goals. Roofe getting off the mark so soon has been excellent, fingers crossed Itten can get on the field and get his first as I think that's the only thing missing from us so far
  6. Probably. Was there basically as the back up to, I dunno, Pepe and Fonte maybe. Still, pointless
  7. I thought we had a steal when he came. Even if he wasn't going to be as good as he was before he could have still been excellent. Look at him at Parma, yeah they're not great but he's a stand out for them at 38. He obviously didn't want to be here, if he did he'd have been in with a shout for POTY. Real disappointment.
  8. Pretty similar to last years if that's any use to you 👍🏻
  9. I ordered the 3rd kit yesterday off the online store and received it today. As much as they haven't covered themselves in glory, I wasn't expecting it to be so fast.
  10. Another chance to put pressure on as they don't play till Sunday. Any win will do Rangers
  11. I think most of it is actually decent, the Advocaat into Eck into PLG into Walter series is really good to marathon. There has been an obvious change in the content due to the fan media. I wonder if its also why Stevie from 4lads actually left that side of it
  12. That's the difference, McLaughlin coming in doesn't worry anyone. He's capable. Shame about Roofe as he's Gerrards guy that he's really wanted but I'm buzzing to see Itten play and get a few goals.
  13. Ironic that a man who played like a bull in a china shop, smashing everything in his way (in a good way btw), leaves with nothing but a whimper. I hope this isn't how he'll be remembered as he has been very good for us. At times the only one who actually seemed to care.
  14. Ross Wilson has somehow worked a miracle here. He's bought a nearly £10M strike force with £1.5M. Was he using the Seville calculator or something?
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