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  1. The best part is that isn't the half of the saves he's pulled. Just a snippet. He's pushing 40, one of the best goalies in the UK easily, he trains how he plays and is nothing short of a complete winner.
  2. As much as people cant watch it unless they work streams but the leagues in France, Spain and Turkey are all really close going into the final games. Theres 2 points between Atletico, Barca and Real although Barca have played 36 (Drew 3-3 last night with Levante) whilst Atleti are at home to Sociedad tonight and Real play Granada away tomorrow. So it could be good watching going into the final 2 rounds of games. In France, Lille are 3 points ahead of PSG who are only 2 ahead of Monaco with 2 games left so anything can happen especially with the 3 teams all away from home in the final round of
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