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  1. One of my absolute favourites. Up there with Boyd and McCoist in terms of finishing but had so much more to his game. Imagine him in our current team. The goal at Tynecastle sums him up. Been ill all week, only makes the bench, comes off and with his first touch, passes a volley from 35 yards upwards into the opposite corner like it was nothing. Pure class. Should have been the man to break Hutton's record sale. The rat bastard Whyte.
  2. Is the draw seeded at this point or is it any team possible?
  3. I think he thought he'd come here and finish his career after 18 months - 2 years, try to get a few trophies and maybe start coaching then and he's thought he still has something to give on the park. No one can fault that. He would leave with everyone's respect and a very fitting man to wear a famous Rangers number.
  4. Worked with the greatest names in our modern history and has the respect of them all. As loyal and staunch as they come. He deserves to be a champion as much as anyone else. He is one of us and he never ever hid it.
  5. Imagine after kicking up fuck abut Boyd, this is the game hes back for! Hahahaha. Get it right up you
  6. Just win the game, tick it off and it's one more on the road to the title.
  7. Defoe has been a class act, he deserves a winners medal for sure!
  8. Just win the game, then its another ticked off on the road to the title
  9. Bad days when McManus and Heid are better than what's on the park at the moment
  10. Unacceptable, they might actually have a chance of being decent tonight if Lennon isn't there. FS
  11. Him playing was obviously to combat Griffiths. He did have some dodgy moments in the first half but so did everyone else bar McGregor. Come the 2nd he was excellent alongside Goldson. Another guy that you want to bleed wins in this fixture into. For too long we've worried about players with scar tissue. There are not nearly as many and they are replaced with winners and new people who are learning.
  12. I did not know about Shevchenko. One of my all time favourites. That would have been sensational. Any of them would have been. I knew Vialli could have but only chose Chelsea so he could live in London.
  13. Jason Cummings - Probably showed the state of affairs we were at when he was the signing that was wanted. But I liked him Jason Holt - The wee man just ran about daft and scored some good goals. Especially the game against Hibs in Warburton's first season Filip Sebo - Never wanted someone to score against celtic more than him the day he missed 2 or 3 great chances
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