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  1. This revelation should be taken with a pinch of salt. So we apparently aren't displaying the cinch logo due to a dispute over it being a rival to the chairman's company, but we apparently were talking to sell the naming rights to Ibrox to the same company? Hmm, sounds like shit stirring at best. The term 'negotiations' could mean anything. Literally cinch could have enquired into the price for naming rights, we could knock it back and that could be termed as negotiating
  2. It's clear that Kent hasn't been fit for weeks. It was stated he played through the pain to.play against celtic, thats understandable because of the psychological effects. But once that was over he should have been recovering. He looked unfit against St Johnstone, even winning the penalty and setting up the goal, if he was fit it might not have been such a slog. Then last night he was sloppy and pulled his hamstring potentially keeping him out for longer. Probably not the best management. I know he's Gerrards guy but the team is more important. I suppose having a few 'slightly easier' games will now allow other guys to get a run, with Morelos missing on Sunday too it's time for Sakala, maybe Bacuna as well to prove themselves.
  3. When we decided to play long and over the top, he could have been an asset, Morelos isn't lightning quick and Kent isn't fit. The downside is his touch isn't as true and he isn't as refined as even Wright with his close control. He can be an asset but there's a high chance he could end up like Itten if he's not given a proper run in the team
  4. Odonker was on trial. One of seemingly hundreds
  5. What a time to be alive. A summer where we were linked with Trezeguet, Roland Juhasz and a young vibrant David Goodwillie to signing Matt McKay, Juan Manuel Ortiz and Alejandro Bedoya
  6. I've just had the 3rd payment taken. The first was at like half 10 this morning!
  7. Won 8 from 13 and 1 of the other 5 is a draw. That's a great record. We knew in his first 2 seasons it was points against other teams that cost us. These games don't make or break seasons but they are excellent for building momentum.
  8. Clancy has previous for ignoring shirt pulling unless its a Rangers player. See Katic in Dec 2019. He's a cheating cunt and those bastards have the nerve to whinge and claim the refs are against them. We must be back on top cause its nothing but negative headlines about us
  9. 92nd minute and he's bursting forward with the ball on the break. An absolute machine and by far still the best footballer in the country
  10. CB playing RB and gets MOTM? Right out of the Sir Walter playbook. Easy days
  11. What really impressed, is he didn't have much to do and when he was called upon with Furuhashi going through, he pulls off the saves needed. That's what a Rangers goalkeeper has to do. Superb stuff
  12. Arsenal close to signing Ødegaard on a permanent deal for €37M. A good signing but doesn't nearly enough of the problems they have.
  13. Well we do want the CL money but you know it'll be made with a reference to being skint by the media for the hordes of sevco nutters
  14. Maybe this weekend is a bit of a reality check. They had a good start last year as well but they had Lennon killing their momentum. They don't have that this time. We need to get back to winning ways in every game. Starting on Tuesday
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