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  1. What do you mean I see everything through blue tinted specs?

    1. lorney


      hey aechangel gabriel amato

    2. lorney


      hey aechangel gabriel amato

    3. archangel gabriel amato
  2. bonus sorted m8 thanks again

  3. mate when a post on a forum its just the link that appears as my sig,any clue where iam going wrong.

  4. do i just copy and paste the link as a picture or link or media none seem to be working when i go to edit sig,it just came up a red cross in a small box like it was not allowed or image had been removed,please explain in more detail what to do once i have went to edit sig.

  5. how do i set the new sig you sent m8 ive tried a few times cant seem to get it sorted?

  6. looking for a sig mate, like your first 2 ,so could you make me one,you can decide the style just do what you want mate cheer's

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