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  1. Don't take drugs kidd m'kay, well not those ones at least!
  2. Jules actual tears rolling down my face watching that mate, honestly every bear on here owes you more than a few pints, over the years your videos have kept us all going especially back in the dark days, your an absolute legend!
  3. The strides out from CB and the long ball accuracy would cost how much in the EPL?
  4. I'm actually really surprised that move has not happened yet, I thought he would be a cert to go there even before Hickey left.
  5. He really was one of if not the best in the world at his peak, the whole team at that time were up there and by fuck we should have done a lot more in Europe!
  6. The full documentary is on YouTube if anyone is looking for it guys
  7. Amazing gesture mate Alfie 2nd min and if I win a donation to Erskine 👍
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