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  1. The strides out from CB and the long ball accuracy would cost how much in the EPL?
  2. First time I have ever seen a filth top without a tit in it!!
  3. I would go with belting out "God Save The Queen" on the 11th minute lads ?
  4. I've just left the ticket office and its mobbed stood for a good 20 minutes, quite a few picking tickets up and a few with smart card issues
  5. There's still quite a few tickets left online and you can pay at the gate mate.
  6. Just a thought, could the club produce the originals of these tops like the other retro tops and sell to us direct? Cuts the fat man out and all profit to us!
  7. Very average side on tonight's performance, we will take at least 3 off them!!
  8. Surprised no one has posted a picture of Mr Bean yet!!
  9. I done the tour again on Sunday with the Mrs wee man and was informed it took 2m to install, that is frightening!!
  10. Cheers guys forgot the game on Friday was cancelled
  11. Anyone know if either smugglers or bar none are still open been a few years since I've been over and need somewhere for the game at the weekend *not so stealth holiday thread
  12. http://www.vipleague.me/football/327931/2/dumbarton-vs-rangers-live-stream-online.html
  13. As said before, NO ONE likes us WE DONT CARE!! The fear is growing in these bastards!!!
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