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  1. You know that famous old Bill Shankly quote.....he was wrong
  2. To a team who have already booked their flights and hotel for the next round I hope the Glens gub them in East Belfast
  3. Crues beat at home 2_1 to Rosenberg Glens opponents have already booked hotel and flights for next round ,arrogant cunts ,Glens holding them in Iceland 0_0
  4. Glens drawing away in Iceland Crusaders drawing one each with Rosenberg at half time
  5. Some fuckers log on here to be offended ,strange people
  6. Nobodies interested that your not fucking interested
  7. Care to look at the dodgy way Arsenal got into the old first division ,if you know your history and all that
  8. Well Titus Andronicus is a tragedy after all mate,and with all that undiluted violence it seems apt for him
  9. Mate you need a backbone to raise your head above a parapet.....something so called Rangersmen lack
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