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  1. Not been at our best today but these are the games I was worried about when everything doesn't click so if we have an off day yet still pick up 3 points against one of our 'challengers' then got to love the resilience in the squad
  2. Lafferty is engaged to a girl from ek. Is always about here.
  3. Great the manager has secured players he sees as improving the current squad but clearly should it not be the new board being thanked for getting them in at the price they have??
  4. I will be watching it in the ibrox bar tenerife tonight. Hope the weather is good back home
  5. I don't think this should be our main pre season these glamour matches against ac Milan etc are for pulling the money in and giving the fans something to enjoy but I mean this as an early pre season before we go off to play our 'big' games. Play the youth, good time of year for great weather and family fun day. The local teams might not be exciting but at a low price point it's an enjoyable day for the kids. They don't care about us getting hammered off a European elite team.
  6. That would be a great option. Make it into perhaps a under 21 tournament with say 3 over 21 players allowed to attract the fans?
  7. This is the problem we should be thinking of ways to boost our income. If other get a cut then fine. 100 percent of nothing is just that and it give the kids a great day out with a chance to see some of the youth that perhaps isn't seen by all throughout the season.
  8. Having just watched the Telekom cup live on BT sport, is it something we are missing a trick with? 4 teams, teams 1 and 2 playing each other also 3 and 4. 45 minute games. 2 winner play each other in final and both losers in 3rd place play off. Meaning 90 mins for the players. Potential to use 4 local teams? Rangers, St Mirren, Hamilton and Partick Thistle. Rotate the venue each season and can be used as a fun day so to speak with all 4 sets of fans in the one stadium. Extra cash and great day out. Pie in the sky stuff for Scotland?
  9. Klos any time he got a pass back, used to put the fear into me. Always thought he was going to scuff the ball into his own net.
  10. Hopefully this season will take the heat off him. Terrible manager but stayed and fought when no1 else did. Might get abuse for life for picking up a wage but the man bleeds Rangers till the end. Will always remember the good times
  11. I hope warburton has got the job. Change from the norm and seems to play decent football which is the main attraction along with youth setup knowledge.
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