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  1. He has had a bad run of luck with injuries since he has been at Brentford. Real shame for him as he was a real talented player with us.
  2. I thought it was a good episode. No nudity or much killing, but it moved the story along nicely. Next week's episode should be a belter (hopefully).
  3. Just finished watching it. As soon as Gill mentioned annulment and Rhaegar I know what it meant. Paused the show and had a good chat with the Mrs explaining what it meant. I got a little bit excited.
  4. No, he was one of the 'Newcastle 5' the 1st season in the Championship.
  5. We never got to see him play for us. He scored for them last night, so he may not be shite (but he probably is).
  6. That makes no sense at all! How could we possibly influence that? There must be something in the water making so many people go laa-laa.
  7. The arrogance from the man is unbelievable. Prior to last season his only honour as a manager was getting Swansea promoted. Hopefully he gets more of a challenge from us this season and he has a meltdown.
  8. McKay will now disappear for 20 games then score another cracking goal in late November then disappear for the next 20 games. Game changer when his head is in the right place. Unfortunately he is usually a passenger.
  9. He should really have chosen a different twitter username: @PeteHalfahead would have been more suitable
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