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  1. I believe he’s just deleted all his images in a Liverpool kit and the only image he’s kept is him scoring against our neighbours not sure if posted elsewhere (delete if it has)
  2. Cracking pic after the game of the wee man and family, an absolute professional on and off the park
  3. I’d be happy if my two smart cards arrived, tried asking the SLO what was happening but nothing Absolute ball ache this
  4. Well done to the club for speaking up as I’m sure this was the reason it was thrown out, these cretins realised the spotlight was on them
  5. Think there is a clause that comes into play that means they can change the rules when it involves Rangers
  6. No doubt all in the media will be in a WhatsApp group chat just now deciding which way they go about attacking Rangers for having the audacity to speak up.
  7. Went to the London premier last night, the film is absolute class, great insight into what a modern professional goes through in his career, had the weight of the world on his shoulders but still came through it all. Fantastic that this man is at the helm of our club right now, he lives and breathes the game.
  8. Danny Boyle was on the BBC earlier and highlighted two of the images, one being the Walter Tull image in Ayrshire.
  9. Walter Tull portrait etched in ayr beach today.. First black officer in the British army and first black player to play for Rangers. Was set to play for us on his return from the battle of the Somme but never returned. part of today’s tributes by Danny Boyle
  10. Good going lads, considering nearly 600 players played last night
  11. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=p-pWtDpdPWM
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