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  1. if Cooper played with the players Laudrup did AND had a manager who could kick his butt into gear more often, it would be no contest. Problem is, it's all ifs and buts. Besides which, I don't see why we can't just have both anyway, in fact move Cooper inside beside Baxter and put Alan Morton out left and you'd have the best left sided midfield ever.
  2. Ive no idea how many CL places there are now, is it only 1? If it is, then it wont matter if we win the cup they will give the place to a league team, However the scenario where we played say a sheep team in the final who had already qualified for the cl would have been interesting,
  3. And the Champions Cup, that first season under Grieg we really were that good. Then it all went tits up, but players like cooper russell wee diving John MacDonald et al.. sure we had some bad players but basically Grieg was just a rubbish manager although tbf he was up against one of the strongest era's in Scottish football. With a decent manager, that 80's team would wipe the floor with anyone in the spl right now.
  4. I remember in the 1981 Scottish Cup Final, we won a penalty in the dying seconds at 0-0 against Dundee United and the young kid beside me knocked my glasses off in the excitement. Ian Redford stepped up to miss the penalty, but tbh history is glad he did because in the replay Davie Cooper ran riot. Amazing to think a team with the likes of Redford, Cooper and Bobby Russell didn't win more. Very tragic news.
  5. Well this is the point isn't it - there is no rule that says how many away fans MUST be at any given match and the gate split in the cup has nothing to do with how many away fans you bring - hence why all the diddy teams desperately want an away tie at Ibrox. I found the story most amusing, what do DU fans think is going to happen, that the SFA will round up all Rangers fans and force them through the turnstyles? No wonder football is a joke these days, sooner the SPL and all its hanger on sides go bust the better.
  6. I dont really have any sympathy for Hearts (SFL3 feeder club) players at all. This has happened so often, but they just sit back and take it. If they were bothered much, they could actually just walk away and find a new club as the club is breach of contract and all sorts of employment legislation. Indeed it has to be asked why they are still allowed to operate and haven't been ejected from the league.
  7. There used to be a massive gulf in class between the top and bottom, now there simply isn't. The big difference for the lower sides is part time football, the players currently in the SPL really on average have no more talent than any other division in the country, that is the standard they have now. When asked on the BBC about the gulf in class, I really wish Big Lee has said, Well sure there is a gulf, but I think with lots of hard work Motherwell can bridge the gap
  8. Redmond7


    Its a hard choice actually, and I can see it from both sides of the fence. The fact is though, we will get promoted and Ally in theory should have the next two seasons to continue learning his trade in relative comfort. He needs, it seems, to become more ruthless and stop uttering the same excuses after each bad result because that just gets boring and make it look like he isn't learning anything. I still think Ally has yet to move too far from the shadow of Walter and this is something he really needs to do asap. Personally, the diddy cup whilst it might be nice to add it to the clubs CV just
  9. Got revenge on Inter with a 2-0 win at Ibrox, after having Chris Hegarty sent off. Robbie Crawford and Andy Little were the scorers as the Third Division club embarrassed the Serie A outfit Couple of players getting unhappy about not getting games and interest being shown in others, not sure what sort of team I'll have at the end of the season as I've got the illegal transfer embargo in place. On the plus side, there is £22m in the bank and still CL Tv money to come so there will be money to spend in the future.
  10. Champions League group game away to Inter... uhm that didn't quite go to plan
  11. Yeah seems so, at home as well. Only reason I knew was because someone in a thread here mentioned about only one game having goals in the SPL and they were all draws. Such a shame I keep forgetting about the SPL being on
  12. 10 years Yer shitty team couldn't even beat Hibs ffs.
  13. But but you get a League Cup winners medal... so I guess they only have sixteen st holders?
  14. I dunno though, with a bit of consistency and determination, we could certainly push any side in Scotland I feel. But the good thing is, we have a few young players who, if they work hard and keep their feet on the ground, are going to be good for us.
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