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  1. FM>My Real Job. Just met a Romanian RAC driver yesterday who did Football Coaching at uni and is waiting on the FA to approve his Romanian degree to start working here. Didn't know that was a career option when I was choosing 10 year ago!
  2. Fede's brother San Emeterio is class as well. Just sold him to Benfica for £12m in the 2017 summer window. Ive had a huge turn over of players with the windfall and my team is looking dangerous.
  3. My team for the Scottish cup final after my first season back up. Silva on loan from Porto has been a revelation- 30 goals/32 games. Lost the league by 3 points, but done a cup double and first season back in Europe next season. Silva's away back so between Hardie and Cummings to lead the line. In too deep for FM17 the now!
  4. I hope W Ham chuck enough at him to stay. EPL needs new big teams
  5. But due to global warming it's warmer than it was 15 years ago when he last played for us. Deal done.
  6. Wrong religion man- Shiks are alright. I'd pull in all the Muhammad's and Padriag O's.
  7. They won't go until they get CL experience IMO. That's was the big selling point in coming here (and will continue to be with this summers recruitment). Lads who were struggling to make it in the the English Championship can go back in 3-4 years seasoned in Europe and domestic success to starting places in EPL teams. Same applies to the gaffer.
  8. Surprised about this one tbh. He can defend but that isn't enough for MW- must not be good enough with the ball, like McGregor for example.
  9. You are either an unwashed trying to take the buzz away from us putting Sellik back in their place or Cammy Bell. Excluding the meaningless game last night, he has hardly put a foot wrong since the first few games of the season where he looked a bit shakey. He has been consistent since about October.
  10. borderbear


    It will take him a while to adjust to our style. He's a fast forward, who has mainly been used to playing counter attacking football, with balls in behind into rakes of space. The challenges for him are being able to settle into our system, but also not to loose his directness completely. It's a harder ask to run off the defenders shoulder when your playing against condensed defenses, but he's got the gas to pull it off if he works at it. His pace and directness adds another string to this teams bow. Their will be times- as in when we get into Europe- that he could play up front on
  11. Technical attributes were good for the holding role- he showed he could do a job marking, seemed like he had a great range of passing. Positioning was a bit off, but to be expected with a young lad from time to time. problem was he was short and weak, and that's a position where you need some sort for physical presence to be effective. He will have had to have been on the weights since last summer to have any shot at playing for us in the top league.
  12. The RFFF should be donated to a fans group to help increase fan ownership. Rangers First would be my preferred option. The money was taken to protect the club and its assets, fan ownership provides that. So what better way than to further strengthen fan ownership.
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