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  1. JimmyCR1

    FIFA 21

    Has anyone played a game of ultimate team where there hasn’t been 400 goals in the game? It’s fucking stupid and so unrealistic.
  2. How did you get the money off it mate?
  3. Real just seemed to struggle tonight when they came up against a well organised defensive side, ronaldo hit about 4 fk's from good positions and every one of them hit the wall, he hasn't hit any kind of form yet.
  4. So bloody unlucky there, it is a cracking atmosphere, as someone said la liga isn't normally like that.
  5. So, did levante play anti football? Or was it a defensive masterclass? I know what I think after watching this game, well done levante
  6. barca with 70% of possesion, they should really be a few up if it wasnt for Atletico keeper
  7. Cheers mate, I don't know how I never found it before I was sure I had checked in that tab
  8. how do I change it to windowed mode?
  9. Liverpool are pish, mascherano making the right move getting out of there
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