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  1. Don’t these bead rattling paedos realise that none of us actually give a fuck when they say it’s our first title? They’re just making themselves look like pre pubescent children the way they always have to add it in no matter what they’re phoning up to talk about. The mutants are the only people on this planet that are pushing that nonsense, every other credible source in world football knows the truth.
  2. Sat with my Granda all day, wouldn’t have spent it any other way, 71 this year and to watch him see us lift our first title in a decade, nothing matches it. Love you all, truly a special moment in history, won’t be forgotten. We Are The People.
  3. We’ve been through it all and came out the other side. Such a special club and I’m proud to be part of this. Unbelievable from top to bottom, couldn’t have worked out any better. We Are The People.
  4. I’m tempted man but trying to hold out for a OLED or ULED if they become cheaper. What is nanocell meant to be like?
  5. Anyone got any good deals going just now? Looking for an upgrade to 4k, 65 inch preferably for when I get the PS5.
  6. Meh, no interest in seeing it again, Poirier wins all day imo, has grown into the superior fighter over the last few years.
  7. Nate Diaz v Conor Mcgregor in July, then announce his retirement. Don’t see anything else left for him.
  8. The snow / hailstones at Berwick away, standing on a muddy hill.
  9. Holloway v Kattar last night was fight of the year contender, outstanding performance from Max.
  10. Ludicrous man, it’s like sellik tv
  11. Dunno if it’s tarriers or what, but these cunts definitely aren’t Rangers fans imo
  12. All the cunts on here at half time who had conceded the title and were slating our players can fuck off. Was embarrassing some of the stuff I was reading in here at half time.
  13. We conceded a poor goal and have dominated the rest of the game, we’ve been unlucky not to score, come on Rangers
  14. Different second half required, whatever we’re trying isn’t working.
  15. Aye that would get us more shots on target mate! Great idea
  16. JimmyCR1

    FIFA 21

    Bought it last weekend when it was 50 percent off, what a mistake, terrible football game. Why are crosses broken? It’s like they’ve purposely made it so crosses don’t work forcing everyone to just keep the ball and always look for the pass inside, crossing and heading are integral parts of the game. And every game being 4-3, 5-4 or whatever, it gets to a point where the scripting is just so blatantly obvious. Another year another disastrous broken fifa.
  17. JimmyCR1

    FIFA 21

    Has anyone played a game of ultimate team where there hasn’t been 400 goals in the game? It’s fucking stupid and so unrealistic.
  18. How did you get the money off it mate?
  19. Nonsense, the beat them in 2016
  20. Postpone the tarriers two games, the rest of us play as normal, surely that’s the sensible thing to do? Or would that “No be fair on ra shelliikkkkk”
  21. I never said these teams are trying to win them the league, I’m saying these teams definitely up their game against us more so than they do them. That’s just a fact.
  22. I’m not watching but if they’ve been the better side why are they not winning? They cunts are just jammy and get every decision going, whereas we’re the opposite, any slight thing seems to go against us. Sick to death of it.
  23. What chance have we got when no Cunt even gives them a game? Between that and the corrupt referees we’ve got nae fucking chance man.
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