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  1. My team (though most shouldn't be here) Bell Faure McCulloch Moshni Smith Aird law black Gallagher Daly Clark
  2. No chance My reasons for disliking him are real and consistent You can't deny me that
  3. He does have a point "super ally's" speech about never forgetting who kicked us when we were down was the biggest load of pish I'd ever heard He even called some of our own fans lunatics in the after math for something that never even happened (transfer embargo panel) getting death threats If Ally McCoist was a salenko as a player he'd have been hounded ages ago for both continually talking pish and being a shite manager
  4. No it doesn't as the precedence has been set It can't be one rule for us then others
  5. This is an absolute lie it's just crooked officials it's the teams and their fan bases too That's the truth of the matter
  6. Why does any Rangers fan have loyalty to Scottish football in general - if that thrives it gives them justification for what they did to us
  7. This I don't think a newco is the formality they think
  8. Yeah but Vladimir owns the club and calls the shots mate Sergio was just the manager
  9. It you don't want a club to get a taste of their own medicine then people like you need to hang your head in shame - no wonder we get fucked over
  10. How's it internet warriors when you had their whole away end of a thousand singing h*** are going bust at Ibrox Don't delude yourself
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