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  1. said it in the telegraph or something last week: Rangers chief executive Charles Green revealed that he intends to hand out life bans not only to supporters found guilty of singing sectarian songs but also to any fans in the immediate vicinity who fail to either silence or shop the offenders. Green adopted the hardline stance on the day that Rangers announced to the Stock Exchange their results for the second half of 2012, during which they posted losses of £7 million. They also revalued Ibrox Stadium and Murray Park at £40 million and the “intangibles” – the goodwill and history – at £19 million. Liquidators BDO will have noted that Green’s consortium paid administrators Duff & Phelps only £5.5 million for those assets last year. Manager Ally McCoist claimed at the weekend that Rangers could not become a global brand until they managed to get rid of the bigots who had attached themselves to the club and Green concurs. “Sectarianism, or any form of race or religious discrimination, is not acceptable in any way shape or form, not in the work place, not in a football stadium,” he said. “I know Rangers have made great strides, but my position is very clear on it: anybody who is identified will be banned for life. There will be no appeals and nobody will be let off. “What I also said at the meeting [with supporters] is that if you’re stood next to the man [and] you are not seen to be policing that, ie putting your hand up and saying, ‘Arrest my best mate because of his sectarian chanting’ I’m going to ban you as well. I feel so strongly about it. “This is something that we can stamp out, something that we can deal with and it has not place in society and definitely not in Charles Green’s Rangers. “We’ve had a fantastic year, we’ve made lots of friends and for it to be spoiled by a mindless few is ridiculous.”
  2. I didn't say it was a "leaked photo", i only said i seen it on facebook .
  3. Some put this on facebook. Fucking horrid
  4. mcgregor can fuck right off, absolute wanker. we could do with a striker like miller at this point though.
  5. what did you hear? not found a decent link for the game yet so don't know what you're talking about.
  6. Fully agree with this. He can go fuck himself.
  7. Safe standing in the copland and move the UB & TBO into it.
  8. how do you organise/get shoutouts on matchdays? looking to get one for saturday.
  9. gutted i cant make this will definately try to get to december game at hamdump though.
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