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  1. Rangers should also sue this cunt for fraud as well.
  2. Sorry for bumping this guys... but I've had a quick google and oogle at the Rangers website and still can't find anything about Perry's injury. Does anyone know what happened and how long he is out for?
  3. Anyone heard anything about Ross Perry's injury? What is wrong with him?
  4. He is a cunt of a human being. An absolute cunt.
  5. I'm pretty sure they will all be sitting in their offices pissing themselves laughing at that letter! Great sentiment though!
  6. Aluko for the goal against the taigs when they thought they were going to win the league on our patch! I can't even begin to explain my pleasure in thumping the taigs that day!!!
  7. This guy is exactly what is wrong with the Rangers support. Never standing together. Yet, he is meant to be a leader of a supporters Association? Get him to fuck and he should have to sit on the roof of the club deck from now on the wanker.
  8. What we really need to do is to bring up our children and ensure their education and talents are not wasted by working in jobs that are not suitable for them. Focus our youth on journalism, business, politics to name but a few. A long term plan (much like the taig population has been doing for the past 30 years) is the only viable way to topple this sham. On a related note, it's pretty much a given that any time a taig finds himself in a position of power, he fucks it up so we need to be ready when that time comes.
  9. If true he should be out on his arse. It wouldn't surprise me as the Assembly and RST are full of self serving individuals... don't even get me started on the RFFF. Time for a clearout of these "associations" and unite under ONE group, ONE AIM, ONE OUTLOOK!
  10. I'd love him to try and sit in with the bears at a normal game. Spiers is the worst kind of shitebag there is... along with the other 400 who went to that game.
  11. I play amateur on Sundays out here and if we get beat I'm straight up the road, showered and fucking pissed off for the rest of the week! The last thing I'm thinking about is a night out! If that's true they should be shown the door and told to away and try to find a club where there "talents" would be more appreciated.
  12. Part and parcel of football I'm afraid. The more annoyed you get the more they will do it.
  13. Looks like I'm not such a "dirty timmy taigy smelly cunt" after all! Who would have thought it?
  14. Haud the bus. Ian Black, David Templeton, Dean Shiels, Sandaza, Kyle... they are all experienced SPL/Premiership players who CAN play football. They were very good signings by any stretch of the imagination. The problem lies in how they are now playing. Is it McCoist's fault? Who knows!
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