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  1. Real Madrid win, over 50 booking points, over 12 corners is a tasty 10/1
  2. Got 20 on Munich to lift the cup at EVS, and 20 on Munich at 5/2 90mins
  3. Like the look of gundogan to be shown a card at 3/1
  4. Does anyone think we'll see evens on Munich? Bet of the season
  5. Aye mate, went into bookies the day and spunked 80 quid on allsorts, then thought to maself what is the fucking point in that. mugs game.
  6. Made the decision to try and stop gambling while I am still young because the way I am going I could end up ruining mine and other peoples life. Good luck boys and all the best.
  7. Fancying Madrid Dortmund double, 44.44 > 120. Although there's no way Madrid should be 1/5
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