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  1. There is no such thing as resident experts on here , only people who call an individual a fud and such like for daring to disagree with their opinions or shock horror you dare to post something these idiots deem pish .
  2. Ah just hope we don't get davis , no one has wanted him for 3 and a half years
  3. well you must be the only one it was made clear from the off , Warbs and Weir asked to be released thinking they had the Forest job
  4. learning , learning , Jeez that's Grassroots stuff for a defence to push to high and don't be square .
  5. been getting worse year on year
  6. Fed Up Hearing about him TBH.
  7. Soon be drunk , no further sympathy for the man , My mum was a chronic alchoholic , but once she took advice and admitted the problem , she stayed recovered - without millionaire pals to help , great player , but needs to want to help himself .
  8. He is a weak link , outdated and just a thug , but happy to steal a wage - my opinion if you check through has been the same since we signed him . and yes he scored a great headed goal against them - so what .
  9. Frankly , chance after chance after chance - fed up hearing about him .
  10. Don't ant Davies any where near the managers /head coach role . Gough great captain but again wrong choice in the afore mentioned role .
  11. Best odds on odds checker 33/1 - best on Betfair 25/1
  12. Same to you as a previous poster Fuck Up
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