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  1. After years of impunity and having it all their own way for so long, nobody at celtic actually knows how to deal with any negative press or show even the slightest bit of humanity. Their first reaction is to deny, followed by deflect, and if all else fails, attack. They're going from one PR disaster to the next, and i'm loving every minute of it tbh.
  2. Incredible. Clearly this has all been building up when he's been stuck in the house self isolating, and he's never had the opportunity to vent. Glad he waited until he was on national tv tbh.
  3. Millions effected by covid, 90,000 grieving families and thousands of lives ruined financially and he's coming out with the everyone's against us pish. This cunts meltdown is actually disgusting tbh - shameless, dirty bastard.
  4. 3 points is a must - it would also be another psychological blow to the fenians after they dropped points again. I'd bite your hand off for a scrappy 4 nil win tbh.
  5. Really? That would be the case if it was an option to buy rather than obligated to buy surely? My understanding of an obligation to buy is some buying teams will use it to get around FFP regulations and others because they can't afford the fee straight away, but either way, the player is away. I could be wrong tbf.
  6. I thought Aberdeen had an obligation to buy at the end of his loan deal and the fee was already agreed? Either way, he won't play for us again tbh.
  7. I read the article, and it's the usual click bait shite from the record tbh. Fake news.
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