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  1. I actually can't stand that cunt Ajer and think he's overrated as fuck. Also, when he fouls someone, then runs over to the ref protesting with his hands on his face and a stupid shocked look getting all over dramatic about it - that really pisses me off tbh, and i wouldn't want to look at that every week.
  2. Been watching Raised by Wolves, on episode 4. Weird, but enjoying it so far.
  3. Ripping the pish out your favourite player in an attempt to deflect the attention away from you imo. Nice try, we've all seen your celtic jammies mate.
  4. Brendan Rodgers dug ended me tbh 😂
  5. No chance. If we were conceding 4 goals a game, the nervousness would spread throughout the team within a few games and mentally destroy us, imo. Title winning teams are built from the back - and if the midfielders/forwards don't have faith in the defence and goalkeeper, we can forget it tbh.
  6. The only position in our team that's been questionable recently, is the right hand side of the front 3, and an inform Aribo takes that before any of them imo. A few would maybe make the bench, but first team players, not for me. I'm basing this opinion on only watching them play against us tbf.
  7. Tav, by far, imo - based on his performances so far this season and the fact we don't have anyone (even close) who can do what he does from the bench to replace him. Although, i can see an argument for most of the team at this point tbh.
  8. If i had a picture of you, you and babn would've been dogs at this point tbh.
  9. I already covered this on the last page guys, cheers.
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