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  1. Babn thinks he's scarface because he's got £181 and half a gram. Riddy tbh.
  2. BlueMe


    I think if someone get's a chance and shows more than Morelos, they absolutely deserve to keep their place - i disagree that he's "out of form" though, and would possibly drop him to give him a rest, rather than because of poor form tbh.
  3. BlueMe


    I'd say it makes a massive difference when you consider that a huge part of his game is playing on the shoulder of defenders and scoring goals by being in the right place at the right time, not playing on the right/left and running channels - He's adjusting to a completely different role, imo. He'll also be annoyed he never got the move of course, and that will probably still be on his mind.
  4. BlueMe


    Agree with this tbf. But imo, Morelos is still doing what he's always done (mostly) and all that's missing is goals, which will come.
  5. BlueMe


    That's the point I'm making though, Morelos isn't playing as an out-and-out striker - he's playing in the same "supporting forward" role as Kent/Barker/Aribo/Hagi etc. I do think he's best through the middle tbh, and would actually prefer to see him stay in and around the box, bullying defenders, then getting his shot away and just let the other forwards swap around. I think part of the problem we're seeing with him is a change in role.
  6. BlueMe


    Not ridiculous at all tbh. He's no more the "point of our attack" than Kent/Barker/Aribo/Hagi etc when playing in this system.
  7. BlueMe


    Have a look at various threads in recent weeks and you'll find plenty of comments from posters who're saying he's only scored x amount of goals since whenever and he needs dropped because of this. Start in the match threads.
  8. BlueMe


    If we're playing the 4-3-3, Morelos is playing in the same position as Kent and Barker as part of an interchangeable front 3. Even in the 4-3-2-1, I've seen Kent go into the "one" and Morelos dropping back. Having a fluid front 3 makes it hard for defenders to "mark" a player or double up on them, and dragging defenders out of position is one of Morelos' biggest strengths, imo.
  9. BlueMe


    People will disagree tbh and that's fair enough, but, imo, it's unfair to judge his game this season and in this system purely on his goals scored, when he's not playing as an "out-and-out" striker. Apart from a few misplaced passes and wrong decisions (both thing's he's done since he got here tbf) i don't think he's been bad at all.
  10. BlueMe


    Morelos is much more than just a "goal scorer" this season, and has played a massive part in our start to the season and is still involved in everything we do in attack. His "goal scoring" was always going to take a hit when he's being asked to play in a fluid front 3 system rather than leading the line in and around the box. To say he's playing shite is simply untrue tbh. I do think he needs dropped to give him a rest though, because he did look a bit leggy in the Standard game.
  11. I actually read a fair bit of the Rangers news stuff, and think it's decent. I haven't read this article because i think the subject matter is a bit of a riddy tbf.
  12. Posting a picture of Sports direct boxers covered in shite is a new low for the OT tbh.
  13. No chance he borrowed a pair of boxers, guaranteed he's wearing the shitey ones home. Dirty bastard tbh.
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