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  1. Mind when the tarriers got a bus load of skunks to stop at Ibrox after winning the league so they could have a big huddle and assault an old woman or the middle aged tink who climbed the gates to run about the pitch with a flag? That’s weird behaviour
  2. Mate if you want to stalk fellow posters a good place to start is the post a recent picture of yourself thread in the OT 😉 Some right handsome bastards In there.
  3. Tough crowd OP Should maybe change the thread title 🤣
  4. Eating babies should be banned Memo to the big yin on the right
  5. Tramps are fucked no matter what they do, no way they hit the ground running next season. Advantage Rangers for 56 🇬🇧
  6. Tom cruise would suit them hes a fucking deviant going to be one of these guys that after he’s toast a whole load of bad shite will come out about him.
  7. Wee Alfy to continue his great form and grab a couple goals 4-0 The Champions 🇬🇧👊🏼
  8. Pointless post fs You don’t like his stuff keep out the thread simple mate
  9. @beararseis a promising young video maker am sure he’ll be onto this...
  10. Quality OP keep them coming mate Proper excited for the next instalment
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