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  1. My latest purchases mate Fred Perry polo and CP company sweatshirt. 😆
  2. I like you TEFTONG, a quality lad but that fucking polo is hurting my eyes, easily one of the worst I’ve ever saw. Cut it up and use it as a duster is my advice. Canny believe yer Mrs let you leave the house way that on tbh
  3. Currently 28 people viewing the bears den, 9 in the OT. Genuinely thought the site was more busier.
  4. SNP are a joke mate so don’t be surprised if this happens
  5. You been reading the bears den since Sunday mate 😆
  6. It will be SNP rules that won’t allow it to go ahead because of crowding in pubs and houses Tarriers get what Tarriers want when the people making the rules are pandering Fenian bastards
  7. I’m on an iphone, no issues at all expect the wee square things but easy to work out what functions they are by clicking on them. Also I stay logged in permanently can’t be arsed having to sign in every time I come on.
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