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  1. Many st holders do we have? im guessing about 45 thousand, around 23 thousand got Livingston meaning maybe 22-23 thousand missed out and will have priority over these who where successful for Livingston. If the attendance is still the same for the tarriers match then most who attended Livingston will miss the tarriers match. all hypothetical though until auntie Nicola makes her decision regarding attendance
  2. Congratulations mate, you’ll now be excluded from the celtic ballot
  3. I wouldn’t mind another go at the wanks, think we’d be well fired up for it and give them a scheme kicking They would shit their selfs playing infront of a packed hostile as fuck Ibrox
  4. How long until the rabid hordes want him dead in his sleep by a bullet from the IRA?
  5. Fully hurt my eyes mate ps I’m no even watching
  6. Mate If I had a gun, one bullet and had Peter Tobin to my left, you to my right, I would use the bullet on you
  7. Mate there’s probably a wee bit of that going on but I doubt it’s large scale affecting hundreds or even thousands. Thats going to happen at every club though, people controlling ticket distribution are going to look after their pals if they can. You were clearly talking about names being removed from the ballot witch is completely different
  8. Have you changed purchase option to QR ? I had the same issues then changed that and bingo 2 minutes later got the emails with the QR code
  9. Fs aye if I miss out on the tarriers and I get a better luck next time message from the club that’ll soften the blow
  10. Who are these certain people and how many we talking about, 10’s, hundreds, thousands?
  11. You think people at the ticket office are randomly removing names from the ballot 🤣 Aye ok
  12. I’m not that paranoid to think that in an all in ballot that somebody had randomly went out their way to remove my name from the the hat before the draw
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