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  1. Match thread 2 pages No cunts giving a fuck about the match 🤣 Welcome to the party 🎉
  2. I loved it mate they never had a clue what was going on 🤣 Honestly tomorrow is going to be carnage, a day we’ll all remember for the rest of our life’s and pass the stories on to the next generation. Tarriers can’t get near us when we’re in full flight. It’s fucking beautiful
  3. Remember the “our club our city” card display? Never a truer word spoken Kings of Glasgow Kings of Scotland
  4. Slated in here constantly probably the same people who slated wee Alfie 😆
  5. Hope he stays mate will genuinely be gutted if/when he moves on. Not felt like this about a player for a long time
  6. You did mate but too many to quick to slate the wee genus I forgive them now 😆
  7. Fucking been a long journey defeats in the lower leagues against shite watching the tarriers hump us home and away standing in the west corner getting baited relentlessly through the match walking out after their 4th goal pumped at hampden by the filth, pepper sprayed after the Hibs cup final raith in the diddy cup, list goes on and on, tomorrow we finally put all this shite to rest, we fucking deserve to enjoy every moment of it. This is our day our city. Enjoy brothers and sisters 🇬🇧🏆👊🏼
  8. Just seen video of a plane full of bears from ulster making the trip over Glasgow’s going to be carnage tomorrow I canny fucking wait
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