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  1. Mate some people probably will tbh @beararse and @Broxi dead certs
  2. “Have met him at brass band competitions” 🤣
  3. Wee man makes a cunt of these numptys every time this shite pops up Be having a go at him for his booking later no doubt
  4. Think I remember chanting this at that match 🤣 Not sure but I think the inflatables might have been something to do with the Skol sponsor
  5. Bet the UB are shitting their self incase they bump into the NorthBank pandas Aggroooo 🤣
  6. Know a few St Mirren lads from back in the day, all good loyalist, will be disgusted by the new breed of st Mirren fan thats popped up over the last two decades and seeing that tarrier shite on their stadium and this fucking tarrier bastard of a chairman
  7. TamCoopz is puntin cheep after shave in the men’s toilets
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