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  1. Said no one ever Excpet the 10 other people who have posted the same thing in this thread 🤣
  2. 🤣 I do actually remember something like that mate, was a long time ago now though.
  3. Don’t think RM was a thing back in Negris days mate certainly not for me anyway 😆
  4. Nope RM says he’s shite, management and team mates have got it wrong 😆 Saying that last night wasn’t great from him but he wasn’t alone in that. I think Alfredo gets singled out on here at times for unfair criticism other times some of the criticism is justified. Some people just don’t like him as a person or a player and will always look to have a pop at him for trivial things. Doesn’t smile enough is a belter 🤣
  5. We can play a strong team against both but fuck leaving Tav Barasic Kent Morelos Kamara all out at the same time in any league match, start doing shite like that then it will bite us on the arse.
  6. No chance get a strong team out and rattle in as many goals as possible. Let’s put the tinks out of sight both points and goal difference
  7. Was going to say that mate but thought I would be kicking the arse oot it 😆
  8. Manager of the year, player of the year, young player of the year, league champions, league cup winners, Scottish cup winners, I want and expect everything this year. Definitely not getting carried away though.
  9. In the qualifying round mate not straight into the group, CL football is not guaranteed. Scotland finish above Ukraine then the season after next the champions go straight into the group. Why would you want shaktar to win and fuck automatic CL qualification for us if we win the title? Couldn’t give a fuck about the tarriers no chance are they making the group stages through the second place qualifiers. The clatty mob are not even Europa league level 🤣
  10. We early finish from work couple of patsy’s and The Rangers. What’s not to love about that.
  11. Fuck this anyway let’s just win our games and be crowned real champions won on the pitch not in a boardroom. Its coming home
  12. I’m right here ma man 👋 Read your post as saying Milian where going for a real ten, tried to be a wideo by correcting you then read it again and saw you actually said on course to stop a real ten, which is correct, that’s all. You can put the snooker cue away now matey 😆
  13. “Mr Rangers” “Too soon for a statue” 😆 Get a grip fs
  14. Fan ownership gives me the fear
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