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  1. Fuck off ya paranoid coont! Still one point off the top.
  2. Who cares if you trust charles green or not, you should be turning up to show your support for ally and the players in a time of need.
  3. I went for a burger at 35 mins at the east fife game and they didnt have any, if we didnt win 4-0 it a would of been an unhappy bear
  4. Same, First year as a season ticket holder so will be even more buzzing than normal lol.
  5. Hi people. I ordered my season ticket online on tuesday night and as it is my first season ticket I am still waiting for a card or tickets to come through, should I of had them by now?
  6. is this on jjb? because I just checked to get the ladies one for my gf and its still £30
  7. I ordered mine on tuesday and it still hasnt arrived
  8. Did you order yours early yesterday? I didnt get through to order mine online until later but hopefully have somethin in before saturday
  9. Thanks mate. When did u order your season ticket? so a know roughly when the ticket should be in.
  10. Wondering if anyone can help. I finally managed to get my season ticket ordered last nite, Since this is my first time as a season ticket holder, Will I be sent the card by post before saturdays game?
  11. Legend! Changed the date of birth by a day and got registered no bother. Thanks for your help.
  12. I only had one email address which was a hotmail account so I tried registering with a gmail account n it didnt work, its weird,
  13. Thanks, but this is my first season ticket and it mite sound petty but I really want it in my name.
  14. Hi Been trying all day to get through on the phone for getting a season ticket and couldnt get through, now trying to get one online but it wont let me register saying I have already registered, However I do not have any details in my email account of registering and I have tried every password I have ever used. I have even tried using a new email address but it still says I am registered. Does anyone have any other ideas other than phoning as my phone bill will no doubt be sky high this month already after phoning all day. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
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