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  1. The position is filled but to be honest I see whittaker playin more of a midfield role which suits him best , plus am sure Hutton would get the RB spot over Broadfoot. Broadfoot could then be cover for any of the defence positions if any1 gets injured.
  2. What was the fee for him? and can Benalouane not play left back aswell?
  3. When do the teams need to pick there 25man squad by?
  4. Can Little not play in various positions tho? including Right Back or Left Back?
  5. I can see it maybe being for Conway and Goodwillie, I like both of them.
  6. Wasnt actually from Football Rumours mate n wots with the abuse. Thought forums were to discuss stuff.
  7. Don't shoot the messenger but heard from a couple of folk that they just saw Shola Ameobi coming out of Ibrox. Dunno if there is anythin in it but thought I would post it on this to hear everyones thoughts? Another couple of rumours I have heard are that we are going for either Brunt or Morrison from West Brom. Anyone any ideas if any of these are possible with the pennies we have?
  8. Well I agree with the guy who said if we lose anymore key players then we r fooked if we dont replace them with similar quality. Davis and Miller would be missed I feel. Bougherra would be missed but in all fairness he did miss some of last season and we didnt do 2 badly so it does show we could cash in on him and trust walter to find a good replacement.
  9. yeah a aint bought tickets thru them before so its confusin lol. Went to the "forgot my password" bit but it asked for the number :S
  10. yeah a aint bought tickets thru them before so its confusin lol. Went to the "forgot my password" bit but it asked for the number :S
  11. Just went on to buy tickets to the Rangers v Newcastle friendly , picked the tickets I want, went to the check out, it asked me to either log in or register. So I filled out my details to register as I have never bought tickets from the site before but it is telling me I have already registered my details. Anyone know how I can either find out the username and password or how I can get tickets on it some other way?
  12. Wasnt moaning was actually just saying I trust Walter to sign a good player even if I have never heard of them.
  13. I will say the 1st week in August n it will be a loan player who will be young......just a guess lol
  14. I know we are being linked with a lot of players who many think are not up to our standards but is it just me or has Walter Smith not pulled good players from nowhere before? the likes of Bougherra and Cuellar, forgetting about Rothen, he was awful I can see whoever they sign doin well and also hope that the young players coming into the first team do well. Less negative comments.
  15. Personally I think Miller would jump at the chance to extend his contract as he clearly enjoys playing under Walter and Ally from the Scotland team and for Rangers. Wouldnt like to see him go, he works harder than most.
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