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  1. Challenging but doable. My first instinct on seeing the draw was that it was opening up. We could go farther than we ever expected here.
  2. Also can't praise Alfie enough. He was unplayable tonight. Kent was also great, while Patterson changed the game. Kamara always wonderful at this level. Defence shoddy and we need to look at that but they're allowed an off day.
  3. 9 goals in a European tie is quite the feat. Broke the record for goals in the UEL proper, maybe even European competition as a whole? Happy to be through, nice to see entertaining, open football, but I hope we never fucking play Antwerp again. Apparently kryptonite to our defence.
  4. Favourite three words in the English language: Penalty to Rangers. 5-2, good stuff.
  5. Shitebag walked to avoid the prospect of seeing us win the title at the Chamber of Secrets.
  6. I think it'll be Tav but it should be Goldson. Tav, Goldson and McGregor top three.
  7. Well said bud. I lost my Dad in 2014 and he was as big a fan of us as you could get - it never fails to get me down to realise that when he passed Rangers were at their lowest and he never got to see his club back where they belong. But the memory of them makes the victory so much sweeter, and we can celebrate for them as well as us. And if that means a few extra drinks.... well so be it!
  8. No shit, did you see his face celebrating at the end?
  9. Entertaining game. United are a decent side and have given us a good challenge. Shagger immense as always.
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    You have a problem with what I said?
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