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  1. It's ridiculous he's been given this long. You look at Utd and see no shape, no solidity, no noticeable strategy, on or off the pitch. Sometimes bad games do happen, or some games the players just aren't up for it, and a manager can't always control those aspects, but their pressing is fucking woeful - and when it's this bad you know it's because a manager doesn't have a fucking clue.
  2. In fairness loads of them will be either from outside of the North West or tourists who will be Liverpool fans next week. Might as well stay!
  3. I would like to see us try to transition Alfie back to the sort of forward he used to be. Him dropping deep gave us a new dimension last year, linking up the play and creating space for the two number 10's and midfielders like Aribo and Arfield. It worked at a time when we were far too reliant on Alfie alone. Teams have clocked onto that now, and when we play him with Roofe they both try to drop deep and can end up occupying the same spaces. Given Roofe can drop deep and link up play I'd want to see the rampaging Morelos of old back. Might be worth playing the 4-3-1-2 we used at the end of last season for a bit.
  4. Hahaha this is so undeserved. Fucking yasssss. Alfie forget what I said I love you
  5. He's given us a lot of happy memories, but how long are we going to put up with Alfie? It's getting ridiculous now.
  6. Those things are all linked. Today, for example - we can't break the press because none of our front 3 are particularly fast, so they can press high knowing we're probably not going to catch them out.
  7. We're not just being outfought here, we'll being well and truly outplayed. Not enough control in midfield and not enough pace to benefit from breaking their high press. Would already seriously consider subs.
  8. Pretty much managing the game now which is dying on its arse. Based off tonight we've got to aim for another 3 points away to this lot.
  9. Hagi's mind with Kent's pace and agility would genuinely be world class in the making.
  10. A quick Google tells me that if we had scored, the goal counts. If they had scored and it was a penalty, their goal wouldn't count.
  11. It did lead me to wonder - what happens if a team scores while a penalty check is happening?
  12. The influence of the Establishment knows no bounds. They have no idea how high this goes!
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