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  1. Every now and then a player shows up and you just know almost straight away the fans are going to love them. Not only does he look like a very good player, he also seems like a really likeable guy. Next Ibrox hero I think.
  2. I don't think I'm ever going to get tired of this meme.
  3. "Barcelona, Real Madrid, they will make a gallant bid..." Lovely stuff. We're looking very good. Sakala and Lundstram fitting in perfectly. Wright continuing to improve. Everyone looks incredibly fit and we're playing some lovely stuff. And that's with some players either missing, still rebuilding fitness after the Euros or still to return. Life is pretty great.
  4. Was that Tierney he beat to the ball there? Arsenal have all the same problems they've had for years.
  5. Handball in a proper game but do think McGregor perhaps should have saved that. Tav caught under it as well. Tavares took it well though.
  6. Great goal. Also the long sleeve version looks well smart. WANT.
  7. Ajer is mediocre but he has all the right attributes - tall, fast, decent enough on the ball. Clubs will see that and think the rest is coachable - with the right management he probably could be an asset for someone. As said above though it's a useful benchmark for Kamara, Morelos and anyone else. You'd want, at minimum, £15-20m for either of them based off Ajer.
  8. Surely one of the more senior players steps up though? Or Southgate makes a decision as his manager? Neither Sterling or Grealish took one, for example.
  9. Shame for Saka. I don't know if I'm being overly critical but a 19 year old shouldn't be taking a penalty in that high-pressure an environment, especially the 5th one.
  10. From one full back another, it's like watching Rangers.
  11. Probably the best two teams in the tournament in the final, although Denmark should be very proud of themselves. Reckon Italy will have just too much but very possible England will win. However, since I live in England and every cunt will be absolutely fucking unbearable, Forza Azzurri.
  12. Danes have been done if he gives this. Not a penalty.
  13. Damsgaard is a real quality player btw. And he's only getting a game because Eriksen is out.
  14. Fucking ooooooofffffff
  15. Did have a laugh at that. England haven't been in a game with anywhere near the same quality as that and he thinks England would beat both. Ridiculous comments. Italy have had to beat two of the best sides in the tournament to get to the final - steel sharpens steel. England still have to go up a level or two.
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