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  1. I reckon I would take McLaughlin over Alexander, but that might be recency bias. However I'd forgotten about that time when Klos was 2nd choice so it's actually him, but still - McLaughlin is not bad at this goalkeeping thing.
  2. Woeful and outplayed but fuck it, we're still top. McLaughlin might be the best second-choice keeper we've ever had, such a cool head on his shoulders. Lundstram did well in the Davis role and was the only outfield player to get pass marks. We're completely disjointed at the minute. Goldson is a shadow of himself and isn't organising at the back. Others are trying to play their way into form. The entire system just isn't working right now.
  3. We talk about the issue of playing packed defences but we really struggle against organised sides who get in our faces in these sort of games against smaller sides away. Same as Hamilton last year. We don't like being pressed high up the pitch.
  4. Great save. However there's clearly an issue with Goldson here. He's a shadow of the player he was.
  5. The Davis role suits him - allows him to just recycle possession and press.
  6. Think he's got a bet he'll be leading scorer this year. If he's not scoring once it's 1-0 no cunt will on his watch. 😂
  7. When I first saw this I thought there must have been a period in the first half of the 90s where we did this, but apparently not. Rangers went 15 matches unbeaten against them between 1960 and 1964, but that was obviously before the 4 games a season kicked in. Edit - Counting only the league, we went unbeaten against them 95/96-96/97 (we lost a Scottish cup tie).
  8. Same trends as in previous games here. Offensively we're just too passive - no control of the game, no pressing, no interchanging or fluidity, no forward momentum of any kind. Defensively solid enough when we concentrate but gaps forming between the lines that weren't there last year. Livi getting a lot of space to run into. What the fuck did we do pre-season?
  9. Rangers supporters can have any views they like and can vote for whatever party they like. It's dumb as fuck to let politics dictate your football team, and especially so vice versa. We're a broad church, absolutely. Rangers fans can vote SNP and still be a Rangers fan, obviously they can. It is legitimate however to point out that the SNP's behaviour seems to indicate that they hate Rangers and hate Rangers fans - and that Rangers fans who also support the SNP must have to make a decision about the extent to which they're willing to put up with that. I don't really see how someone can square up their loyalties to both and not come away uneasy, uncomfortable or in a situation where they're forced to choose which is more important to them. Put it this way - as I've said elsewhere in this thread, I am a socialist, a Rangers fan and a member of the Labour Party (thankfully not Scottish Labour). If the UK Labour Party acted towards Rangers fans - i.e. people I identify with - as the SNP do, I'd still be a socialist, I'd still be a Rangers fan - but would I fuck still be a member or support Labour.
  10. Diamond shape isn't a bad shout at all, honestly. Still allows us to get the full-backs bombing forward, gets Alfie and Roofe both central, should still give us enough solidity at the back.
  11. I think it might be a legacy from the banter years, honestly. When Gerrard came in, we really weren't solid enough defensively or good enough generally not to have a holding midfielder or two, and psychologically teams were far more geared up to attack us because they weren't intimidated by us. I wonder how much of it is a subconscious thing about prioritising being defensively solid because that was the first issue way back when.
  12. I think that would definitely get the best out of Alfie but I'd be wary of us repeating the same old mistakes - we were so utterly reliant on him that when he was kept out of a game or just didn't show up we'd be fucked. Him dropping deeper opened up new dimensions to our play last year. I think we just need to move away from the 4-3-3 for a bit. It only works if the third midfielder is free to break the lines and get beyond him and the two 'number 10's. We're crying out for a 4-2-3-1 or doing away with the 2 number 10s or just something different.
  13. To be honest, reflecting on it, I think the way we've played has changed. We were doing so well last season when the full-backs would bomb forward and Kamara and Jack would take up positions covering them, so that we would be protected against the counter attack and the full backs being out of position - but those two could also step up when required to keep up pressure, recycle possession etc. Meanwhile, the third midfield player in the 3 - whether Aribo or Arfield or whoever else - could concentrate on breaking lines, getting on the end of things, and supporting the front 3. At first Davis was coming in and taking the same role Kamara and Jack were playing, but over time we've shifted to Davis being a pivot and holding player in the centre of the park who is responsible for starting transitions and dictating the tempo. Kamara is naturally inclined to stay back and do his thing anyway, and the third midfielder can't attack as often because he's got to protect his side of the pitch now and cover for Tav or Barisic, and we end up with a far deeper 4-3-3 than we used to have. We do need to move away from our current style of play because it isn't working, and we could get away with being less holding players now, but everything would be so much better if Ryan Jack could just get fucking fit and stay that way.
  14. I mean in fairness, they could probably use a holding player, because their defence is fucking woeful and they're going to concede loads of goals against any half decent side. We absolutely need to take the handbrake off and change our own play though. We look so safe, disjointed and laboured - we're not pressing aggressively, we're not breaking through lines, we don't look confident or assured, and there seems to be no spark or creativity at all. Maybe a move away from a 4-3-3 - like last year where we moved to a 4-2-3-1 for a while - is what we need.
  15. Lyon are definitely at that level of quality we've always struggled against - just one step above where we are, like Slavia and Leverkusen - but we were also being far too cautious on and off the ball. There was no bravery in possession and our pressing wasn't there - we look laboured, disjointed and sluggish. Compare that performance with the two against Benfica, who are of a comparable quality to Lyon, and it's night and day. There's no shame in losing to a side like Lyon but I don't think it's as simple as them making us look poor. We just don't look like anything is clicking at all right now.
  16. Well beaten by a better side, but we've looked poor. We need to be at our best when facing sides of this sort of quality and we're just not in any sort of form at all. Take the defeat and move on.
  17. I've got a feeling we're going to see a season like 93/94. We'll get there but its not going to be pretty at all. That lot will smash the bottom 6 but come undone against the better sides.
  18. Turns like an 18 wheeler, looks sluggish, often out of position, doesn't seem to press all that well, comfortably skinned for the goal - Honestly, he just looks like your average, journeyman English Championship player. It's looking like he was one of many in that Sheffield United team that had a freakish, purple patch of a season and now he's reverted to type. Hope I'm eating my words by May but he just doesn't look like he contributes anything at all. Definitely doesn't look like he compliments Davis or Kamara.
  19. We need to be at our best to beat teams of this quality. We're not, and though we improved throughout the half we've looked quite passive. Too many safe passes. Need a bit more courage in the 2nd half. There's definitely potential in the game for us.
  20. Poor from Kent and Lundstram but this is the type of quality we're facing.
  21. The quote is (said to be) from the founder of the Jesuits: Give me a child till he is seven years old and I will show you the man. It's a general comment about the power of education and how pliable the minds of young children are, not specifically about Catholics.
  22. I was previously unsure about having him in the midfield 3 but he's really stepped up and been quietly effective there. He's been breaking through the lines and obviously offers an attacking presence, but he's also been pressing more effectively and has been good at getting the ball back. His pressing and the defensive aspects of his game more generally have come on leaps and bounds. I don't think our best 11 has him in the midfield and his best position is still in the front 3 but he's improving and that's a good thing.
  23. Great game and most importantly means the champions are already back where they should be. 0-0 to the Rangers.
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