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  1. Feel like he's taken a massive step up in the past few months, like everything has suddenly just clicked for him. I reckon he might well be winning all the awards next season if we can keep him.
  2. A Rangers fan who stopped supporting us and now has a strange, ambivalent relationship to the club. Always thought Ferguson himself seems a bit torn about Rangers - went from bitter about how his time with us ended to Aberdeen to softening up a bit in his later years and going back to Ibrox again. Bit weird to have a kid supporting Celtic though.
  3. For those of you who want to procrastinate while working their Friday afternoon, the captain's doing a twitch stream with Andy Halliday right now:
  4. In honour of the heartbreaking news that the other half of the Old Firm will not be signing the Derry Maldini, the world's greatest defender, the icon of all icons, the showstopper, the main event etc, it's time to post this retrospective from January found on twitter:
  5. I don't think we'll sell any of our sought-after players for less than 8 figure fees, and even then you're talking about £15m plus hopefully. We have to start selling for profit this summer, but if we don't get substantial enough offers there's not much point in selling some players at all - you end up not making as much profit as you might have planned for, weakening the squad unnecessarily and establishing that you'll sell your best players on the cheap.
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